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[Resolved] [Plugin: Easy FancyBox] Image cut in half

  • When i open one of my images while having the page scrolled all the way down my homepay the image i clicked on pops up way too far down and is getting cut in half. When i do it at the top of my page there is no problem. What is going wrong?

    I have tried both checking and unchecking “Behavior Center while scrolling”. The problem still remains.

    My website is http://www.slumpart.se and is in swedish but just click “Galleri” to see the images.

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  • I see it too. And if you have such a half image open and then scroll to the top, the image moves to the centre… Strange effect. As if the page height is dynamically changed while scrolling.

    I suspect it has something to do with the (HTML5) stylesheet in your theme. Or does this still happen when you temporarily switch to the default Twenty Eleven theme?

    Im new to wordpress so i have to ask how i temporarily switch to the defult theme? Im asking because i am afraid that my website will get lost when i switch the theme. I did a preview but in the preview the pictures didnt open in fancybox…



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    how i temporarily switch to the default theme?

    Appearance->Themes. Activate the Twenty eleven theme.

    i am afraid that my website will get lost when i switch the theme

    No – that won’t happen. You may lose widgets but they’ll re-appear when you switch back to your old theme.

    The problem is the same as you can see if you check http://www.slumpart.se again.. Is there something else i can try? What does it mean that the problem is the same in the other theme?



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    Looks like an issue within the plugin’s CSS. Have you tried using another lightbox plugin?

    Not yet. I friend of mine fixed the website as it is but he didnt figure out how to fix it. I will try another plugin and get back. Dont know which to try yet but i will try some out.

    F*ck. I cant figure out how to make anything work now. I tried lightbox2 and some other plugin i dont remember the name of but i couldt even get them to work. Now when im trying to go back to fancybox i cant get that to work. The picture never popup. Now it goes to another page i dont know how to explain.



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    It seems to be working now, yes?

    I have tried three different now. The problem for the Easy Fancybox still remains. The jquere colorbox seems to work with some tweaking since it is not centered. Lightbox2 opens the images way to big.

    I like the simplicity and look of Easy Fancybox but i guess i can work that out with another plugin. Or is there some way to make the Easy Fancybox work? If i change something in its css?

    i dont need it to follow when the website is scrolled. i just want it to open in the center. i guess there should be some string i could change to fix that.

    Thanks RavanH and esmi for all the help. I found the plugin Shadowbox JS and it works for me. Im sorry for some of my post, i was so frustrated that nothing worked for me.

    parohman, good to hear your site is OK now.

    Sorry I could not help you out there. I’ve never seen that effect with FancyBox or it’s CSS…

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