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    Hello, I need some help to configure the Easy Fancy box pluging to work with NextGen Gallery plugin.

    I disabled the default thumbnail effect from NextGen Gallery and want to use the FancyBox to display my images with overlay. It works fine but the autogallery includes all the galleries in my album and does not stop at the end of the gallery. I tried to switch to “Apply to links inside section” and this time the FancyBox gallery shows only the first page of the photos in NextGen and then stops even if there are 2 pages more (NextGen thumb overview is set to display 20 images per page).
    I know probably I need to specify some manual section, but I’m not a code expert. What should I do to get ALL the photos in that gallery displayed but NOT the other galleries in my album?

    Many thanks for your help

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  • Plugin Author RavanH


    IF you used class="fancybox" rel="%GALLERY_NAME%" under “JavaScript Thumbnail effect: Custom” in the NextGEN settings, then you do not need auto-gallery at all. Just disable it 🙂

    Hi Ravan,
    thanks so much for your answer, but maybe I did not explain it well.

    I had already entered the code you gave me in the Javascript Thumbnail settings of NextGen and actually in the FAncyBox settings the autogallery IS disabled.

    When I click on a gallery thumb, I got the overlay image opened OK, then I can use the arrow to display all other images in that gallery page, but not those on page 2, 3 of the same gallery etc…

    Is there a way to fix this? (to let Fancybox see all the pages of that specific Gallery, non only the first one?) Because I’m showing 20 images per page only…

    Many Many thanks

    Plugin Author RavanH


    Ahhhh… now I get it. Sadly, FancyBox can only work with image links that are actually on the page. Even non-visible ones (without anchor text or in hidden divs) but they NEED to be on the same page. So if you let NextGEN split the galleries over different pages, FancyBox is unaware of the ones on subsequent pages. Sorry.

    However, you can use ONE thumbnail to open a full gallery. See the instructions under “Can I use ONE thumbnail to open a complete gallery ?” on , the second method when you want to use NextGEN.

    Or disable gallery pagination…

    Thanks so much,
    OK, if it can’t be done is not a big issue, but I thought it was.
    In that case I will disable pagination, I like the way photos are displayed with Easy Fancybox!! 😉

    Plugin Author RavanH


    Could you try the following? Go to Gallery > Options > Gallery settings and place a check mark at “Add hidden images”.

    It might just do the trick… It does when using 1 thumbnail image so why not when you use 20, right?

    WOW you’re awesome Ravan,

    yes it works in this way, perfect!! just what I wanted.
    I had not even considered this option in the settings!!

    Again, thanks a lot for great support!!

    Hello I have the same problem, Fancybox works right with the nextgen gallery but I can’t get the navigation to stop at the end of a gallery. I have already entered the code class=”fancybox” rel=”%GALLERY_NAME%” under “JavaScript Thumbnail effect: Custom” in the NextGEN settings, but I can’t find where to switch to “Apply to links inside section” as mentioned above or where to disable the autogallery. I’m kind of new to wordpress and its plugins, so could you please explain these steps a little further. Thank you very much Jessica

    Plugin Author RavanH


    Hi Jessica, forget about that “Apply to links inside section”. Simply disable the Auto-gallery option and the rel="%GALLERY_NAME%" will take care of the gallery creation.

    Hi RavanH, thank you very much for your help. It works perfectly.

    I currently use the album feature to showcase a group of galleries in NextGen. However – instead of opening the gallery in another page I would like to open the gallery in a popup from the same page.

    I read the explantion of how to do this in the FAQ ( see “Can I use ONE thumbnail to open a complete gallery?”), however it requires you to change the gallery features site-wide by only showing one image per gallery (and hiding the rest). I want to do this in one particular album – but leave all the other NextGen galleries as is. Is there a way to do this?

    Hello guys,
    I’m wondering how to have fancybox play a video via an image. In other words, I would like to have a jpg/png image in a post/page and when the visitor clicks on the image, voila the video begins to play.

    Any thoughts?

    Guys, I just thought of another question, is there a code that will disable the related videos that shows at the end of a YouTube video? I tried adding “$rel=0” to the YouTube share id and it shows the video frame but not the video. My goal is to have only the video I have chosen pop up for viewing and not the related content…

    Any thoughts on this?

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    ebizmoney rather than bringing back an unrelated resolved topic that’s 8 months old, could you please instead start your own topic?

    It’s the best way to get your questions answered in your own topic.

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