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  • Making a right old mess of this. I’ve been installing various e-commerce plugins and deleting them, EDD included. Now I’ve come to choose and use EDD, when I activate a new installation there are no pages created. Strangely, my settings remain the same too.

    If I have to create my own pages – are there any samples out there? I created a checkout which worked but after paypal I got returned to a very unhelpful version of the purchase confirmation that I had created.

    Also – I tried out a couple of real life purchases – the money went through on paypal but no emails sent from EDD and no recognition on the specific download.

    Phew. Maybe a clue to the first problem…

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  • Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


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    Okay a couple of things.

    1. For whatever reason, you will need to go ahead and create the pages manually. To do this:

    a. Create a “Checkout” page and place the [download_checkout] short code in it’s contents.

    b. Create “Success” page and add any information to the content you wish.

    c. Go to Downloads > Settings > General and set your two newly created pages to the options there using the drop down menus.

    d. Click Save Changes

    For the emails not getting sent out, this is probably because the purchases aren’t getting fully verified from PayPal. In Downloads > Payment History are the purchases marked as “pending” or “complete”?

    Hi – thanks for getting back – just been looking at the alternatives to EDD and, guess what, they suck.

    1. a. – d. I’ve done all that — the success page has no shortcode on it at all?

    2. The payments are pending. I looked at some previous posts and did the recommended: checking box to disable IPN or whatever and setting my webpage with paypal. Nothing changed much.

    3. The paypal account I was using was unverified, I noticed. So I thought maybe that was it and I started on the process of verification. Step 3 on that process requires I be at home to answer the phone or send them proof of address. I am currently 8,456 miles from home with no plan to return before next Easter. Cut a long story short – now paypal has restricted this account and I can no longer test if any changes I make to the EDD operation work. I can still set up EDD with a verified account but I can’t test it.

    So looking at my paypal account > selling tools, i see that the IPN option does not have a Notification URL. Which one should I use? or something else?

    I got hold of another paypal account and ran a test.

    Payment went through.

    Returned to the success page with a link on it that goes to “you do not have permission to download this file” or somesuch. No email was sent (except from paypal of course)

    In payment history, the payment is there as pending. I changed that to complete and sent the email with the link.

    The email was sent but there is no link on it.

    Okey dokey.

    put the {download_list}into the email and now we got an email with downloadable links. Result!

    however, I still had to manually change pending to complete on the payment for that to happen.

    to recap: I’ve enabled paypal’s IPN and set the notification url to what you said on another thread. And I’ve checked the “disable IPN” on the settings. Actually I think I tried checked and unchecked – neither worked.

    Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    Pippin's Plugins and Plugin Reviewer

    Sorry for the slow reply.

    The problem is definitely due to the IPN not getting verified for one reason for another.

    Here’s a quick recap of what you need to have:

    1. Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways > Disable IPN Verification — this should be checked

    2. Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways > Alternate purchase verification — this should be UNchecked

    3. PayPal > Profile > My Selling Tools > IPN:
    a. enabled
    b. URL set to

    Once you have confirmed those and it’s still not working, then most likely it is due to a conflicting plugin that is blocking the IPN from PayPal.

    Do you have any anti spam (aside from Akismet) or anti bot plugins, such as Bad Behavior?

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