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    Having read through all the other topics I could find on the subject, here’s what we’ve encountered.

    our downloads are .zip files, the largest one is just over 40MB
    We get a seemingly corrupted download via safari (unzipped recursively as .zip.cpkg) (archive is not corrupt, downloads fine from direct link)

    I get the following error in FF:
    “The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in the data transmission was detected.”

    edd v1.1.5.2
    php v 5.2.17

    I have made sure that we have allow_url_fopen set to “on” in phpinfo.
    The host provider does not allow memory_limit higher than 30MB, but files smaller than 30MB have the same issue, and I get no warning about memory allocation.

    Can you suggest any other .ini settings that I should check out?
    Here’s the download url as it appears in the confirmation email:

    Been banging my head against this and am at a bit of a loss.
    I’d prefer not to ask my client to upgrade their hosting plan unless I am confident that the increased memory_limit will resolve the issue.

    I’ll jump on any pointers or suggestions.
    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    Can you comment out the line that I told this user to comment out here:

    Let me know if that fixes it.

    Commented out line 104 in process-download.php.

    Now FF will initiate the download, showing unknown filesize, but the resulting zip file weighs in at 61MB (actual zip file is 38 MB, and the downloaded file is a different size each time) and is also corrupt (archive manager “cannot open file as archive”)

    Webkit browsers were doing this before, whereas FF was raising the error instead.

    In case they might provide some clues, you can view my request headers here:

    Thanks for your assistance.

    Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    As a quick test, does it make any difference if you change the file format? So try a .jpg for example.

    Tried a jpg, download worked just fine.
    zipped the same jpg, got the endless download as before.

    Also (I noticed this before but didn’t mention it) Chrome console gives the following message:
    “Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type application/zip”

    [scratches head]

    Hey Pippin:
    Examining the actual contents of the ‘corrupt’ download shows a repeated error message:

    “Warning: feof(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /XXXXX-XXXXX/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/easy-digital-downloads/includes/process-download.php on line 107”

    Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    What’s the URL to your file (feel free to exclude the actual URL)?

    If I understand your question correctly I’ve tried 2 approaches.

    Originally, by pasting the file’s url ‘http://blah..” and saving:
    ../wp-content/digital-downloads/ (this is a larger file +/- 30MB)


    Then I tried the .jpg through the uploader and saving:
    ../wp-content/uploads/edd/2012/08/myfile.jpg (this is a small file < 1MB)


    Last, the zipped version, edited the url and saved:
    ../wp-content/uploads/edd/2012/08/ (also small < 1MB)


    Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    It is best if all files server through ED are located in the uploads/edd/{year}/{month} directory. This is so that the files can be adequately protected against illicit downloading.

    In the last version, what do you mean you edited the URL? Did you edit it so that it is a relative path?

    Looks like you nailed it in this morning’s update. (we’re operational now)
    I glanced at github out of curiosity to see what changed in process-download.php.

    btw, what I meant by editing the URL, is that instead of re-uploading the file via the “edit download” screen, I just edited the “download configuration > download files > file URL” field and saved the ‘post’.

    in other words, moved the file via FTP and changed the reference.

    Probably not relevant given the fix.

    Thanks so much!
    Keep up the great work.

    Plugin Author Pippin Williamson


    Excellent! Glad to hear it!

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