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  • Hello,

    Amazing looking plugin!! I only have one question though.

    Right now the default layout for the fields is one under another:

    First Name: [TextField]
    Last Name: [TextField]
    Business Name: [TextField]

    Is there anyway to make it so I can make my field look like this instead:

    First Name: [TextField], Last Name: [TextField]
    Business Name: [TextField]

    Thank you in advance.

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  • I too would like an answer on this, is it possible anyone? I have a client who wants a form with 60 check boxes under one question. It would be nice to be able to put them into 4 columns and 15 rows, rather than one column and 60 rows 🙁

    Here’s one more use for the side-by-side layout: dates.

    I’m trying to arrange a date entry using three dropdowns


    It would be very useful.

    I would have expected this to be a basic function of a plugin called “Easy Contact Forms” however from my experiences so far neither the tutorials or FAQ’s cover this at all.

    How do I make items layout in rows or columns?

    First Name____ Last Name_____
    Address______ City_____ State____
    check box 1 check box 3 check box 5
    check box 2 check box 4 check box 6

    Also this is my second request for help, my other had to do with phone number formatting.

    I want a user to be able to enter their phone number in format:
    NNN-NNN-NNNN or NNNNNNNNNN and again I want to add an extension field next to the phone number field.

    Now I am sure all this and more can be done with this plugin as I found at this link on their site when you click for templates. However I see no way to get the templates, free, paid or otherwise. Perhaps you need to contribute to get them however other than the support contact form asking if you have will or wont I see no other mention on how one would contribute.

    I have just submitted my second request for support, let’s hope I can get answers as I do like the plugin and feel it has potential if I can gain some control over the format of the forms generated.

    Has no one gotten back to you?
    I tried display:inline and it didn’t work.
    I would like my radio buttons to line up horizontally instead of scrolling the whole page. Or at least be able to stack the fields side by side, so I could fit three radio groups together.
    Please Help.

    I haven’t even gotten a peep out of the crickets… If I responded to my clients this fast my competitors would have more clients.

    When you fill out there form to get support they ask if you have made a contribution, are willing to contribute, will contribute in something other than money (I think) or not willing to contribute at all. I for one would happily contribute or even buy the frigging templates if they had made provisions for that to happen. There is no place on their site that I found to do either.

    It would also be abundantly helpful if they actually did provide support for this plugin, however none of my requests for help have been met with any reply at all, automated or otherwise.

    Am I expecting to much?

    Plugin Author wppal


    Not that much 🙂

    if you did not receive confirmations that may mean that you entered an incorrect email address, or there is a spam filter somewhere, or something else. When responding to support requests we often enough obtain “Undelivered mail” reports.

    Can you please contact us via the support form once again? this time I will try to check what happens to prevent such things in the future. In case if it does not work again we will find another way.

    About the ‘contribution list’ on the support form. It has been removed. It was added to the form not because of ‘commerce’. We never took a penny for support and never said ‘Thank you for your promise to contribute. Please keep your word!’ 🙂

    Thank you for addressing some of my concerns yet my intent was to get answers about the topic at hand as there are others here looking for the same answers as I am, it would truly benefit the community if perhaps you could post the answers here. I will be happy to re-submit the question on the site in the support form but that will not help others whom are also seeking enlightenment but will perhaps help troubleshoot problems with the form flow.

    …and I Just submitted on the site…

    I checked my spam and found this:

    I did get back into spam this time, this one and only message (i looked for others from the same address):

    Hi First Last,
    Thank you for contacting us!
    Your request:
    How do I make items layout in rows or columns?

    First Name____ Last Name_____
    Address______ City_____ State____
    check box 1 check box 3 check box 5
    check box 2 check box 4 check box 6

    has been received and we should be in touch with you soon.
    Thank you for using Easy Contact Forms.
    Easy Conact Forms Support
    Easy Contact Forms

    …so now I wait…

    Plugin Author wppal


    we have replied a week ago. Can you please check your spam folder again?

    I too would love to know how to format field css style/class to put the radio buttons inline as well as have the first and last name fields share the same row.

    Thanks so much for fabulous work and a great plugin!!!

    I do not think we will ever get an answer here.

    Does anyone have an answer to this yet? Im wondering if it can be done with css.

    We are all still waiting for an answer here.

    It does look like this question will never be answered here.

    I suspect it can not be done simply.

    I had high expectations for this application but like so many others it came up short. If you need a simple form with each item on one line and are okay with the lack of flexablity then this is the form tool for you. if you are looking to design more detailed and custom forms, keep looking. The support is the worst, sure they give answers but the answers fail to address the real problems. ie. Question; how do you change the phone number input? Answer; it’s jusr regex.
    Question; how do you put fields where you want them? answer; check your spam folder a week after you asked the question.

    It truly a shame to see an application with so much potental be so poorly supported.

    I was origionaly willing to contribute but it looks as if the project is dead duw to lack of support/doccumentation or reatures implied it the description.

    Yes I have found this to application to be frustrating!

    After much trial and error, I’ve come to the same conclusion as you have.
    I’m now using this plugin. Its admin section is not as pretty easy contact forms, but there is much more scope to make the form look like you need it to. With a little CSS the form was easy to customise.

    I hope this helps some of you.

    I’m not a developer, but I thought I’d share with you that I figured out how to get the radio buttons in a horizontal line.

    Go to your form,
    then Appearance,
    then Style Sheet

    In the empty style sheet area, copy and place this code:

    .ufo-radiogroup-row {display:inline-block;}

    Your radial buttons will now be aligned horizontally!

    Has anybody figured out how to get the text fields to appear horizontally?

    For those who are looking for a way to put fields side by side, I found a way that works. I am not the developer of this plugin, so I cannot provide support related to your individual theme. This worked for me. I tested it in IE9 and FF…hopefully it will work for you too.

    It’s not as hard as it looks, but you have to follow each step carefully.

    1) Go to the custom stylesheet section of the form:
    Form Name ->
    General Settings | Confirmation | Notification | Fields | Appearance | Entries ->
    Settings | Style Sheet | Confirmation Mssg | Notification Mssg

    2) Enter a custom style for the left side and right side sections. Here is my custom style, but you’ll need to play with the exact locations based on the width and height of your form:

    .cell01-left {position:relative; left:0px; display:inline-block; float left;}

    .cell01-right {position:relative; left:370px; top:-171px; display:inline-block;}

    3) In the “fields” section of the form, you will need to identify EACH field that you want on a left/right layout with the left or right style sheet you’ve created. You will also need a separate “section” for the right-side fields to show up correctly in all browsers. Here is how you add the section and styles:

    For the left fields, go to EACH field you want on the left side and:
    set style -> advanced -> Row CSS Class -> enter the left-side CSS class you created in #2 above. Mine was cell01-left.
    NOTE: Be sure to CHECK the box for “set style” or it will ignore the style.

    Add a “section” from the list of field types (be sure to UNCHECK “show label”). Put your “right side” CSS style in:
    set style -> Field CSS Class -> enter the right-side CSS class you created in #2 above. Mine was cell01-right.
    NOTE: Be sure to CHECK the box for “set style” or it will ignore the style.

    Place all of the “right side” fields in the “right side” section you just created.
    Just like in the “LEFT SIDE FIELDS” section, go to:
    set style -> advanced -> Row CSS Class -> enter the right-side CSS class you created in #2 above. Mine was cell01-right.
    NOTE: Be sure to CHECK the box for “set style” or it will ignore the style.

    You might have to play around with the margins in the “set style -> Field CSS styles” sections to get everything aligned the way you want it.

    I put a demo up for you to see the result:

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