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  • mjh001


    Below is an excerpt from the page at showing what phone number formats are supported however I can not find anywhere in the tutorials or FAQs to work with these settings. When I add phone number to the form it only accepts numbers as if I had just used the number field and will not allow input of +,-,(or). Anyone know how to control this?

    I sent this question to their support on 7/11/2012 however have not received any solution as of the date of this posting.

    Which phone formats are supported?
    + N (NNN) NNN NNNN
    In the next version (current is 1.3.2) we will change the approach of working with phone numbers. Currently, if the format does not suit you, please consider using the simple number field type.

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  • Plugin Author wppal


    hi mjh001,
    if you are using v1.4 you can change the phone format regex on the ECF->Settings page.



    Really? You mean to tell me that this mess ((\+{0,1}\d{1,2})*\s*(\(?\d{3}\)?\s*)*\d{3}(-{0,1}|\s{0,1})\d{2}(-{0,1}|\s{0,1})\d{2}$) will somehow translate into some of the formats above? Is there some documentation somewhere to help with this? And yes I am attempting to use 1.4

    Plugin Author wppal


    this is just a regex. if you need any special phone number format please contact our support we will prepare a regex for your case.

    Okay… either wppal answered the question already on the previous posts and I read right through it or I need to take further steps.
    All I need is the validation Regex for the following format: 123-456-7890. Please assist.

    Best of luck to you getting support

    When a product is called easy you do not expect to have to go into battle to make simple basic things work. I did however find a solution as well in the form of another paid plugin. only $25.00 to end all my frustration and get the forms I wanted… and yet I am still disappointed that the developer could not be bothered to support a plugin with such great potential. I would have gladly paid twice what I spent if I could have gotten the help I needed when I needed it. At this point though I simply can not use a tool that is not supported since if I should ever need help in the future I know it simply will not be there.

    Hi Mj,
    What was the plug in you ended up using? I am reluctant to ask for help on this because of the lack of responses. There seems to be no documentation on how to modify the forms, what each function in the dashboard does. I spent 7 hours trying to format a contact form and although I have it pretty close to how I like it, it is not quite there. There are so many php files that control the creation of the form, it is literally a crap shoot on where to start looking.

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