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    Hi MoodleMan2, Please try explicitly set the button height. like Set style-> style -> height:40px;
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    Thank you for your reply.

    I tried setting the button height explicitly as per your instructions but it is still not responding.

    I set it by editing the field in the ‘Easy Contact Form’ configuration screen, by putting “width:150px;height:40px;” under Set Style -> Field CSS style. I double checked via firebug the style settings and the height and width were registering for the element .ufo-field-id-918 (which is the button link). Is there another element I should check?

    Also, I am using WordPress 3.4 – Do I need to be using 3.4.1?

    Thanks again for your help.

    To follow up – I upgraded to 3.4.1 and still the file upload button does not work in Firefox nor Chrome. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    After investigating this further, I am seeing that the problem resides in the way the div and submit elements are dynamically generated by the body script. Since the elements are appended to the body tag, they are put at the very end and then must be absolutely positioned to ‘sit’ on top of the graphic.

    I tried this with the twentyeleven theme and found that if the browser window was wider than the page width, everything was fine, but if the browser window was re-sized, the dynamically generated div and submit landed in a different part of the page.

    I think the issue resides in where the script ajaxupload.js calculates the top and left for the div, but I can’t figure out where.

    I’m not sure if it would work, but perhaps instead of appending the div to a child of the body, why not just append it to the button itself? Then the top css would only have to be something like ‘margin-top:-[element height]px

    Plugin Author wppal


    Unfortunately we could not reproduce this defect on our environment.

    I would suggest playing with the required message position: make it absolute, try to position it on the top, etc.
    Try also to avoid using the ufo-frontendbutton button css class. In this case a simple anchor will be generated. Probably it may work for you as well.

    I believe I found the problem – it does have to do with the way the ‘top’ and ‘left’ styles are calculated.

    If the #page element has any margins, these margins are not added in to the el.offsetTop values.

    I noticed this because when I was logged into my site as an administrator, the element hung lower than if I were not logged in. That was because when you are logged in as an admin, wordpress throws in a tool bar at the top of the page. The elements for the upload were lower by exactly that much.

    I fixed it by setting the #page margin-top to 0 and setting the #branding margin instead, but you may want to consider addressing this in future release.

    Regardless, thanks again for a great plugin and I hope this was helpful for you.

    Plugin Author wppal


    Hi MoodleMan2, thank you for the excellent findings. I will try to play with that and will see what we can do. At least you really pointed a direction to resolve this problem under some themes. Thank you again.

    Same problem here. Uploading files does not work on a Mac (tried Safari and Chrome) and gives an Error 500. No solutions available, and as I understand from the above discussion, the developer is basically saying “figure it out yourself… good luck”.

    yeh this developer is crap i have same issue and it makes this form useless

    Hi guys,
    You can use the Global Hide/Remove Admin Bar Plugin to remove the wordpress admin toolbar for all users, this fixes the problem.
    If you want the toolbar to remain, then I suppose another solution needs to be found by the developer, however, this worked for me.

    Plugin Author wppal


    Hi pixie2012,

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    for those who have this issue and who does not want to install additional plugins there is a simple enough php line to place (for example) to your theme functions.php file:

    if ( !is_admin() ) { show_admin_bar(false); }

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