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  • Fantastic plugin!
    It was a bit tricky to get my head around using this plugin at first. I ended up making an excel spreadsheet with formulas to compile my shortcode and let me error check quickly. It may be worth posting an example shortcode in order to help people! Your instructions were pretty thorough though, I liked them.

    Would it be possible to provide an option to change the charts background?

    Keep up the good work.

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  • Allen, thanks for the idea. v0.2 is almost ready. It fixes a charting bug, allows you to specify some SEO tags, provides an optional button to show/hide a table containing the chart data, and allows you to set the background color of the chart (the data table still retains white bkg).

    It may not be what you want as we retained the fadeout at the bottom. When 0.2 is released, kick its tires and if you need something let us know.

    Also I know the readme file is poor 🙁 I’ll will do a better job with this readme on the update, and eventually flesh out the dyerware product page on this plugin which should also help a lot.

    Thanks for the quick response. I have been playing more with this plugin and my excel spreadsheet to make my charts. They look great but I did find that there appears to be a conflict with the Featured Content Plugin by iePlexus. I assume this is to do with Javascript and since I’m looking to replace that plugin with something else on my homepage I’m not fussed, I’ll just have to have no charts for a week or two.

    The chart data table option sounds good, as I’m using this to display some polling results for different wards and that would save me uploading a PDF or something with the numbers.

    The retention of the fadeout isn’t a biggy, the overall function of this plugin is more than enough. Compared to others this plugin finds a happy medium between being simple but limiting, and complex and unusable! I love it

    Hi Allen…

    0.2 got released before I checked your response. If it’s not too much trouble, could you let us know what we would have to do to witness the conflict? I’d like to work that out.

    Also, you can now change the fadeout color as well. Seemed silly not to add that.

    The readme got enhanced, and there is a full example over at dyerware. Will flesh the pages on the plugin out some more, but it should be much more helpful now.


    Hi D

    Fab updates, that polishes it off nicely. The background option, plus the table of data is great!

    As I have a test site, now only used for plugin tests, I have set it up on there so you may see the results.

    Test site with the ‘broken’ feature content at the top of the page:

    And the live site with the ‘working’ feature content galler:

    I hope that helps


    Yes I see. I see two problems: one with the colors in the graph table data, and the other your feature video area seems forever pending.

    Im on it! Ill see what I can do. In the mean time, if you get around to it, can you email the shortcode from your post that produced that graph? (supportatdyerwaredotcom)

    btw, your colors in the chart tool are fantastic. Very effective use of it.


    Ok the problem is an incompatability between js frameworks (prototype vs mootools). If you search on the feature content forum you will find that a library they use (mootools) is incompatible with a large # of plugins that use the prototype framework.

    It was easy enough to remove the dependencies on said framework (also tested with the feature content plugin to ensure compatibility). Also fixed the color issue with the table seen on your site. 0.3 is the version # to address this. It will hopefully be pushed out probably Monday.

    Very sorry for the inconvenience but thanks for reporting this!

    Hi D

    Sorry for the late reply, manic few days.

    The short code is:

    [easychart argument= type=”vertbar” height=”300″ width=”350″ title=”Barton Ward” groupnames=”Cons, Lib Dems, Lab, Greens, Other” groupcolors=”0070C0, FFFF00, FF0000, 00CC00, A3A3A3″ valuenames=”1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008″ group1values=”2069, 1184, 2389, 820, 2398, 701″ group2values=”2002, 1177, 2825, 697, 3226, 993″ group3values=”4071, 824, 505, 100, 230, 0″ group4values=”0, 163, 320, 145, 0, 121″ group5values=”0, 0, 143, 70, 565, 102″]

    I set this all up using an excel spreadsheet where I input all my settings and it just compiles it into the shortcode for me.

    Its no incoveniance about the javascript issue as I may be replacing the featured gallery plugin with personalised messages from our local members. Its just that youve made a cool plugin that works so well that I’m keen to get it live.

    Please do keep up the good work.

    P.S. Add a donate button on your site. I don’t normally donate for plugins but your quick responses to my feedback and improvements to a great plugin deserve a pint at least!

    Thanks for the complement, and that’s a good idea. I added a donation button on my sidebar.

    btw you will want to remove the “argument=” bit as its not a valid param. I added param verification (in a mild sense) to help folks diagnose shortcut errors.

    0.3 should be bubbling its way through

    I have upgraded automatically through wordpress and the other plugin now works, so thats solved that. And I have removed the ‘arguement=’ as I now see that you have included an error message, nice touch.

    One last problem, it wants to put my table of data to the right of the chart of which is rather odd and doesn’t resize right.

    You can see the result here:

    Is this a problem with my theme do you think?

    Yes, what is happening is the theme is defining “img” to have a float-to-left style. Unfortunately I don’t have a good way to combat this from the outside. Ill have to think about it.

    In the mean time, try editing the plugin PHP file (easyChartBuilder.php) and change this:

    <INPUT type='button' value='Show/Hide Table Data' onclick='wpEasyChartToggle("easyChartDiv1_data");' style='text-align:center;' align='center' >

    to this:

    <INPUT type='button' value='Show/Hide Table Data' onclick='wpEasyChartToggle("easyChartDiv1_data");' style='text-align:center;float:left;display: block; clear: left;' align='center' >

    or you can configure it to hide the table for now (hidechartdata=”true”)


    Hi D

    Regarding the table displaying to the right, I tried the recommended change but it did nothing for me and after fiddling with my CSS, plus altering the recommended PHP change a few times I still got nowhere.
    I am just going to hide it for the moment as the chart element will do for now.

    If you have any further recommendations I will be more than happy to try.

    Many thanks


    Ok darn. It’ll be a while before I can get back to this, but at least it looks ok for you now. Oh and thanks for the support!

    Ok Allen,

    Try the latest update. I think the table width is a bit odd under your theme, but it may be my simulated environment of your website.


    Hi D

    I have updated the plugin and played around a bit, including the location of the chart image. It would appear to be a problem with my CSS of which I shall look at this week. Same goes for the table and when I changed the image location to the right the chart moved to the left but remains the same width. It would appear to be stretching to a set width with the first three columns being adjusted accordingly. I will have to sit down and sort out some CSS for this problem.

    Any ideas more than welcome though.


    Is the only problem the table width? I thought I solved the button location

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