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  • Releasing V2.22 with a Spanish translation. (And an incomplete French one of my own). If you have trouble with the character set in the Spanish version, please post here.

    Releasing V2.23 with Portuguese (thanks to Ivan Carlos) and improved Spanish (thanks to Joaquin R. Rizer). In both translations, I have replaced accented characters with their HTML equivalents because I had some trouble displaying them during testing. Since I’m new to this i18n/l10n business, I’m not sure that is the right way to do it. If you know better, please share the info with me.

    Releasing V2.24 with Italian and revised Spanish versions. (Translation credits in the “Other Notes” tab.)

    English users need not update.

    Releasing V2.26 with a much requested feature — an option to show the ads only on posts (and suppress them on pages).

    Releasing V2.30 with a major overhaul of the admin page interface. It now uses nice-looking Javascript tootips to display detailed instructions, email link etc. Also included are buttons to clean up the database and perform a clean uninstall of the plugin. Another addition is a link or two to suggest how to donate, just in case…

    As ever, do rate this plugin and get back to me with any issues. And help translate it to your language, please.

    – best,
    – Manoj

    Releasing V2.33 with a lot of work in making the admin menu totally valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional (according to W3C), although not very visible from the user’s perspective. Also releasing the translation file for Bahasa Indonesia (id_ID).

    Releasing V2.34 with a mouseover decoration on ad-blocks.

    Just pushed a major release V2.40 with:
    1. Significant improvements in help text and instructions
    2. A feature requested (option to suppress ad blocks in the front or home page)
    3. A sponsored link (Outright accounting program) and a couple of referral links to other ad providers.

    As usual, drop a line if you have any comments.

    Changes since the last post on this thread:

    • V2.57: Removing min-max enforcing on ad space sharing. [June 30, 2009]
    • V2.56: Fixing a typo in is_category(). [June 26, 2009]
    • V2.55: Fixing the issue with submit buttons in IE8. [June 23, 2009]
    • V2.54: Providing htmlspecialchars_decode() for compatibility with older versions of PHP. [June 23, 2009]
    • V2.53: The <div>s containing the adsense code have class names set so that they can be controlled from the theme CSS. The shared ad-slots are of the same size and show only text ads now. [June 23, 2009]
    • V2.52: German translation. [June 20,2009]
    • V2.51: Widgets modified to handle the new Widgets API in WP2.8+. (Fully backward compatible.) [June 13, 2009]
    • V2.50: Option to suppress ads on category/tag/archive pages — requested feature. Changing the plugin name (dropping the last “r”). Configurable ad-space sharing to support the plugin development. [June 12, 2009]
    • V2.41: Option to change the mouse-over border color and width for the ad blocks. Also, option to enable mouse-over decoration for the sidebar widget and link units. [June 6, 2009]

    Releasing with V2.58 with admin page enhancements (in help and information only). No new functional features.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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