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  • I agree with Fernando Marques

    this guy is stealing your adsense income. This is actually and adsense sharing plugin, where you share your income with the author(without your knowledge)

    Here is how to find out if this is true,

    Here is the Test:

    1. Don’t install any actual adsense code just type “Chant Hare Krishna”

    in place of adsense code, in the plugin admin panel.

    2. Remove the author’s code from all the boxes.

    3. Once done, follow the rest, make sure you are choosing no links to author and click “save changes”

    4. Now go to your blog any page and you should be able to see “Chant Hare Krishna” in place of your adsense code.

    5. Click reload button on your until the author’s adsense code shows up.

    6. Be sure to vote 1 star, unless 0 star rating is possible. Complain to WordPress. Complain to Google (when you see his ad, get page source from the browser). They will delete easy adsense from the WordPress plugin directory. This adsense spamming by the author on my site, got to stop!

    7. Ps. this guy signs up for a new adsense account every few days.
    He rates his own star rating to 5, every few days to keep it up to 4 star rating.

    The author makes it very clear that his ads will be displayed occasionally.

    He even goes so far as to allow you to configure how often so that if you are happy to support his development work you can increase it.

    AND, he is very responsive to comments and requests. A request to make his ads text only for instance was acted upon within a day!

    If you feel his work is of no value to you then you can easily change the code. This will require you to be able to code a little so maybe you’ll get an idea of the work he has done for you in this plugin!


    we know who you are!

    your slip (ip) is showing!

    you go ahead and do that, I will be glad to re-post it as “Not to easy adnsense with no sneaky ads by the author plugin”

    Excuse me?

    What the hell are you talking about! If you can see our IPs you will see that I am from Australia while Manoj has stated he is from Singapore. Maybe you should do some basic checks before making such comments!

    The Coder is stealing the clicks.
    He stold atleast 100s of click from my 3 sites from last 25 days.

    I realized today and removed entire plugin from my all blogs.

    Read this post…. and looked 2 of my wordpress sites, 1 has “all in one adsense” and the other has “easy adsense”.

    Both have the ability to donate ad space to the creator of the script.

    “all in one adsense” has a default % of nil where as “easy adsense” has a default % of 5.

    So here is a tip to fix the problem of “easy adsense” taking your ad space. Change the 5% to a 0% and then click on save changes….



    Can someone report this to WordPress? And have it removed or banned? And please remove the Indian racism comment above.

    There’s nothing iffy about it at all.

    Change the %s!

    You guys don’t look into the plugin and then blame the author for it. You should read what the plugin does before you install it. Morons!



    the guy is placing cookies in your site amazon ebay etc DONT use this plugin. take a closer look at your source code



    I was happy with this plugin until today and have to clarify some things for both arguments.

    The author clearly states that he uses ad sharing. The amount of sharing is controlled by the percentage value you place in the configuration.

    At face value there is nothing suspect because the author has provided full disclosure.

    After setting the ad sharing to 0% clicks are still being diverted to his account. Also, the function to add the easy adsense blocks to feed, even when disabled continues to add his own publisher ID to the feed.

    Ultimately this author is stealing clicks. While he does provide the option to disable ad sharing, on closer inspection, he is stealing clicks and attempting to add his own ads into your RSS feed.

    Totally dishonest and should be reported. Unfortunately I had recommended this plugin to several people but will have to retract the recommendation and lose some credibility because of it.

    What is the license of this plugin? See if it allows you to modify it.


    Nothing’s stopping anyone to look into the code and modify it if they don’t want the ad sharing but use that plugin, which is stated clear and precisely on the download page here, linked above in op’s post.

    Or use a different plugin 😉

    My thoughts exactly. 😉

    yeh this guy is stealing clicks with some sneaky tactics. if he was honest and upfront he wouldnt pre-populate the fields with his own publisher Ids.

    i have no problem with developers asking for donations (the fame and backlinks to their site, as well as the free advertising should be enough) but dont be underhanded about it

    wordpress shld def ban this developer

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