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  • MrLenny



    My AdSense ads are working ok, but my Google custom search is not. At AdSense homepage you get 2 codes for your Google Custom Search and it’s obvious you need to use the first one, that’s the Search Box Code and i reckon the displaying of search results is included somewhere in the code of this plugin.
    When i put code for search box and drop AdSense search widget to sidebar, 2 things happen:
    -search doesn’t work anymore at all
    -the sidebar changes appearance, it now drops below the content, verticaly speaking..but only the part that follows after search form widget. i reckon it is wrong styling or something..

    Please any help and insight would be appreciated..
    Cheers, Lenny

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  • manojtd


    Hi Lenny,

    I think you need to cut and paste all of the Google code you generate for the search.

    And the reason for the widget dropping below the content is probably that the search box is too wide for your sidebar. I think it can be controlled by editing your theme style.css, setting the style that would apply on divs of class="widget ezAdsSearch". I will try that when I get a chance and post an update here.

    – cheers,
    – Manoj



    Hi manojtd,

    you were right with the image being the problem..after i changed my adsense settings for the search unit so that now includes google text in search textbox instead of google image underneath textbox, the problem went away..
    Also, for the search to even show anything, I had to create a page names for instance Search results with permalink ‘blogfrontpageurl’/search
    I changed the settings in adsense search unit so that it searches whole web and it gives results as expected..but if i try setting to search only my domain, it doesn’t return any results, although in Google Search i get results if i search site:’mydomain’ keyword scheme..any suggestions on that one?
    my site is actually pretty fresh only up for 2 weeks, haven’t created sitemap yet and all..

    Cheers, Lenny

    Katinka Hesselink


    One of the problems is that google custom search uses a subset of the google database. So on a new site that google hasn’t indexed yet, it won’t return anything. The solution? Get yourself links, so google indexes your site (you need to do that anyhow).

    In the meantime google custom search may not be your best bet for search on your site. On a small site wordpress search ought to be good enough anyhow.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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