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  • First of all, great plug-in! I love it!

    Easy Adsense 2.41 worked great for me with WP 2.7.1 and now with WP 2.8. However, when I upgraded to Easy Adsense 2.5, Easy Adsense fails. The first ad is supposed to appear at the top of the page immediately below the post title. The page is cut off immediately after the page title, or right before that first ad is supposed to load. Nothing else on the page loads. The same happens with Easy Adsense 2.51.

    When I check the page source of that page, right at the end I see a comment inserted by WP Super Cache, with this message: “Page not cached by WP Super Cache. No closing HTML tag. Check your theme.”

    The simple solution to this is to simply downgrade Easy Adsense to version 2.41. Then everything loads as expected. Because the downgrade fixes the problem, I don’t think the problem lies with my theme, Librio, and possibly not with WP Super Cache either.

    Does anyone else have this problem, or perhaps have a solution? Thanks!

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  • Thanks!

    V2.51 works fine on my test blog site ( — note two W’s, not three). It even validates at W3C. Well, almost, with one error related to “aria-required=’true'” which comes from WP.

    Could you try your blog with the default theme just to rule out the possibility that it could be your theme that is causing the problem?

    I did a really quick check with the default theme, and although the ads did not display as I configured Easy Adsense for Librio, the page loaded completely, and with one ad displayed at the top (displayed in default way as it was before I configured Easy Adsense). I suppose that says that there could be an issue with Librio.

    Did you test V2.51 with Librio on your test blog?

    My argument is this: The only thing that changes from a working page to a non-working page is Easy Adsense. As soon as I change Easy Adsense back to the older version, my page works. To me, this most probably points to the newer version of Easy Adsense.

    According to the error message in the page source, WP Super Cache complains about a missing closing html tag. I checked Librio’s footer.php, as well as a blog page that loaded, and the closing html tag is there. The error message may therefore be bogus.

    Anything else I should check?

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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