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  • Everytime update your theme it will reset all the ads and steal away your advertising.

    Also the “donate x% will always reset to checked.

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  • Oh – that’s what happened to me!!!! Can’t get it to work again, but don’t know the best alternative. Any suggestions?

    This developer is sneaky & slick for those who are first using this plugin because he will steal your adsense when changing from theme to theme; and maybe other things too, like when he upgrades the plugin – watch out and check all your settings because his code he puts in will default to his adsense code and he will get paid monies until you discover it. He states in his details that you can change themes and your adsense settings will not change. This simply is not true – they do default back to his adsense codes and then you have to re-enter all your codes again to get paid your adsense earnings. I just changed themes (3) times with (3) different themes (cleared the cach) and his code was sitting there in there and on all my website pages. He clearly states you can change themes and the code will be saved – but it doesn’t. Pluggin developers like him should not be allowed to have his plugin featured in the WordPress Plugins area. I stated this a few months back and he said the changes where made that this will not happen and it keeps on happening; and not by accident either, he knows what he’s doing and he keeps putting in newer sneakier codes to collect adsense revenues from the newbies. I vote for this guy to be banned from WordPress because he clearly states that this will not happen and it does. This is what crooks do. They lie & deceive.

    I would like to make a comment on my post above. It seems that the developer is correct in that your settings will be saved if you change from theme to theme if only you insert your adsense code in all the themes first before changing from theme to theme. Then when you do switch themes your adsense code is there. But if you only insert your adsense code in one theme and install another theme, then your adsense code will not carry over to the newly installed theme – you must first add your adsense code first into the easy adsense control panel then if you switch back and forth the code is then saved. But this is deceptive to newbies because other adsense plugins will keep your adsense code in there when switching to other themes. You don’t have to always re-insert your adsense codes into the adsense control panel. I wonder if the developer would comment on why it was designed this way and if he would change it. It’s not a difficult fix to make.

    The tricks when you setting your plugins, you must load the plugins setting and open new tabs or window to set your theme and first set your theme then save your adsense settings. It works, no harm.



    From the FAQ:
    Why does my AdSense code disappear when I switch to a new theme?

    One of my motivations in writing Easy AdSense was the fact that every time I switched between themes, I had to regenerate the AdSense code to match my new colors. Since I often switched back to the original theme (when I would have to regenerate the code again), I wanted to keep the AdSense code per theme in my database. Now, with Easy AdSense activated, I can switch among my themes without worrying about the AdSense color mismatch. This is what I meant when I said, “Remembers AdSense code and your options by theme, so that you don’t have to re-enter them if you play with multiple themes. [This feature provides a solution to Google’s unwillingness to let you modify and customize the AdSense code — you just store all the code variants in your blog database.]” as the most important feature of Easy AdSense.

    But this unfortunately means that you do have to set the code once whenever you switch to a new theme. I suppose I could have checked your database for some other AdSense code and presented it as defaults, but such complex logic usually results in less robust programs, and pain and suffering down the road.

    This plugin is forcing one AD to Amazon. Check here:

    Please people, check your sites, this plugin was forcing my homepage to show an AD to one Amazon Book (the same book developer tries to sell at plugin options, at top…).


    Hope a lawyer can grab this guy by the balls IF he does no correct this issue next couple of days.

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