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  • I like this plugin in many aspects, but in one way it is a dreadful plugin. I bet the author of this plugin is the one who makes the most on Adsense earning because part of this plugin comes six adsense ads that are pre-fileld into the fields. Ok, you can remove them, BUT…

    If you change things like your WP theme and choose another one, your own adsense ad is GONE. Guess what is there instead!? Yes, correct, the ads of the author of the plugin. This is insane and I am considering to swap out this plugin just because of that. Apart from that the plugin looks neat and is pretty easy to configure. No money yet though which gets me to think of where the money ends up…

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  • I just tried this plugin. it puts some kind of “Powered by” link. what a shame! annoying. I gave my rating: 1. do same.

    Yeah I’ve run into the same thing with this plugin. I mean hey, it’s only smart to have it in there to start off with on the part of the creator, but it shouldn’t magically re-appear if you change anything with your blog.

    I’ve actually stopped using it on most of my blogs for this reason but it just occurred to me that his code must be tucked away somewhere in the files for this plugin, and if you erradicate that, then it shouldn’t happen again.

    Yep, figured out how to ditch his adsense code. Not going to say how on here, you’ll have to figure it out yourselves. Anything else would be unfair to the creator of the plugin.

    It is, in fact, posted in the FAQ as:
    Can I change the defaults?

    The reason for the default ads reappearing is also given under:
    Why does my AdSense code disappear when I switch to a new theme?

    Please take a look.

    I was happy with this plugin until today and have to clarify some things for both arguments.

    The author clearly states that he uses ad sharing. The amount of sharing is controlled by the percentage value you place in the configuration.

    At face value there is nothing suspect because the author has provided full disclosure.

    After setting the ad sharing to 0% clicks are still being diverted to his account. Also, the function to add the easy adsense blocks to feed, even when disabled continues to add his own publisher ID to the feed.

    Ultimately this author is stealing clicks. While he does provide the option to disable ad sharing, on closer inspection, he is stealing clicks and attempting to add his own ads into your RSS feed.

    Totally dishonest and should be reported. Unfortunately I had recommended this plugin to several people but will have to retract the recommendation and lose some credibility because of it.

    To the plugin author:
    I want to tell you that I uninstalled your plugin as soon as I installed it. You must understand the fact that it takes atleast half hour for a normal user to understand and configure the plugin.

    By default it shows your ads, thats definitely unbearable. I wouldn’t want to display your ads even for 5 minutes. I would like it to display my own ads.

    I would rather edit the template and add the code myself than install your crap plugin. You are definitely stealing clicks. A polite donate button would’ve made me donate money to you but no, you go ahead and put all your referral images on the control panel, advertise your other plugins and make the admin panel look like crap. You make it default to display your own referral ads on home page as soon as the plugin is enabled. Its a definite no-no.

    Also whats up with the default 5% ad-space sharing? In your plugin description page you write that a user can just put his ad-code and use the default values for others, which I am sure many of the users would be doing.

    Please don’t ask like a beggar, if you ask us for donations politely, I’d be more than happy to give you, but if you reinforce it, I’ll just deactivate the plugin and be happy with custom editing the template.

    I hope you reply to this.

    The guy does offer some help on how to sort this out.

    But it seems, many are still having issues.

    The plugin creator Manoj suggested to add the following code:

    Find the code:
    function mc($mc, $ad, $size=false) {

    and add this code:
    return $ad ;

    If anyone has tried this, let us know if it worked. I just changed the code as suggested by Manoj

    Did the author actually take the time to test this piece of coded crap?
    Quite frankly, and without reservation, this plug-in is not recommended and should have been banned by WordPress long ago (if only for the lousy coding…)
    Not only does it break, in at least two (and probably more, because of the nested crap this guy puts out, I don’t have time to follow the trail…) line item locations on both generic (aka the Default theme) and customized themes. Absolute, total code cruft, and minimal attention to detail. Can’t hit the delete button too fast.



    After sometime playing with this plugin, i just found it better to delete it and insert adsense manually. It is quite smooth and easy, but most imporatantly the reassurance that i get 100% adsense income.



    Did the author actually take the time to test this piece of coded crap? Quite frankly, and without reservation, this plug-in is not recommended and should have been banned by WordPress long ago (if only for the lousy coding…)

    Though harsh, this comment is quite accurate. I have to agree that the code has become an unmanageable mess. I spent a lot of time debugging it for the current release, and am fairly confident that it works as advertised. Please post if you find anything amiss.

    I am in the process of rewriting the whole thing, and will release it as a new plugin (called Easy Google). Just that it won’t be as feature-rich as Easy AdSense. At least not right away.

    I have been using Easy Adsense on my blog for 1 year now, but uninstalled it today.

    It has been annoying over the year with every update that I have had to place my adsense code back in to replace the authors default. But it worked so I just did it.

    This time however with version 2.95 I had a chitka image ad placed on my homepage in the widget bar that I couldn’t get rid of. Sorry Manojtd but I now code the adsense into my theme directly now because of this.

    I installed this plugin and without even pasting my adsense code I found small ads appearing inside the posts. Its plugin authors ads. BTW why this kind of cheap behavior in a plugin which u create…Not acceptable…Please dont use it..

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