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  • Hi,

    See and try to un-check the box “Permalink” present in the “Usage Settings” tab.


    Tnx for your guidance
    but unfortunately it does not have any effect
    As I use wp in farsi (right-alignment), I think it is a matter of aligning picture to right. Because it works effectively when I choose “tranistion-slide=fade”
    I change everything in style.css but it does not have any effect either
    Finally, I think I should make some changes in .js file (Easingexpoinout function) but I do not know how I can change the direction of sliding from right-to-left to left-to-right

    Same issue existing here, Only last image displayed. Any help ?

    Unchecking “Permalink” present in the “Usage Settings” tab Did not resolve the issue.

    However, setting animationStyle to “fade” did resolve the issue.

    Slider shows last image when any other animationstyle is selected, as below.


    Kindly let me know what file to change to fix this.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hey everyone. Could you’s provide me with links to your site? I will take a quick look for you’s (make sure the slideshow is visible).

    Hi Matthew, the strange thing is, it works here with other transitions at

    but not here

    WordPress version: 3.4.2
    Plugin version: 1.2

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hi @snaushads, I’ve just had a look at both sites and they appear to be working perfectly.

    What browser are you using? Have you managed to resolve the issue?

    Hi @matthewruddy,

    The issue is existing in site:

    To be specific, if i change the transition to anything other than “fade” it does not work.

    However, at other, it appears to work (current effect is ‘Bounce’ here)

    The behaviour is same in FF, Mozilla 16, Opera and IE.

    Do let me know if more information is required.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Can you set the slideshow to a transition to a transition other than ‘fade’? So I can see the error.

    Done, changed slider setting to “smooth”, pls have a look

    It’s strange the both site “easing-slider” plugin doesn’t work in the same manner.

    I tested the both page

    In Google Chrome Element Inspector, I can see the direct URL of the Loader GIF image for, here is what I get :
    But not for, here is what I get :
    ... ... ...

    I suspect that you are using a caching plugin your pages.
    Check that.
    If yes, disable the caching plugin, purge the server cache, purge your browser cache, and retry to load

    There is something strange on your WordPress…
    I’m using Google Chrome (latest version).

    Here is the URL of the source image of the first slide that appears :

    This is the same thing for your Easing Slider JS script :,

    What correspond the string at the end of these the files :


    It’s the same with Internet Explorer !

    Have your tried to change and swicth the WordPress theme temporarly ?

    Caching plugin and all other plugins, were disabled.

    I re-enabled the plugin w3totalcache and empied all caches cleared, browser cache and nothing changed.

    Changed the theme to default twentyeleven and it was working as intended (bounce and swipe effects checked)

    I have also disabled, page speed optimization on serverside, to see if that was causing an issue.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    @riversatile appears to be correct. Whatever caching plugins you were running seemed to be causing a lot of weird things to happen. I noticed the base64 encodes myself, which are unusual. I’m not sure why caching plugins would resort to them. Normally plugins that run hidden base64 encodes can be rogue, causing problems.

    It could also be the theme doing the encodes. Some illegitimate themes do this. Whatever was the cause, I’d advise you to avoid such themes/plugins and stick to well known trusted examples.

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