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  • I’m running WPEC version with ecommerce multi currency support Version 0.6.2

    The plugin is superb and functions fine other than a problem with display.

    When converting to the new currency the currency code is applied twice.
    Ie instead of (USD<space><Price>) its being output as (USDUSD<price>)

    I am using the google conversion option and I have tested it with the WPSC reworked option also.

    I have narrowed it down to this function wpsc_add_currency_code($total) and the last 3 line and believe it is something to do with the preg_replace on the $total variable but I am unable to work out a fix for this.

    Can anyone assist me??

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  • Still no answer to this query and two new versions released. I’m running 0.8 of this plugin along with the latest version of wpec

    Absolutely love the additions that have been made to the plugin these are great especially as I only wanted to show the symbols anyway.

    I’m still get THBTHB for thai bhat and $$ ££ €€ for each of the currencies which is annoying.
    i’m also getting a conversion back to my base currency (GBP) when the customer views cart. As I understand it this should happen when they opt to checkout.

    I’m running into the same problem on two separate sites running two separate themes so I can’t isolate it to a theme issue.

    Can anyone assist and resolve these issues???

    I have the same issue. Is it still unsolved?
    When I switch to a different currency, I loose the symbol and I get the currency in letters.
    For example from 5€ to EUREUREUR5


    Does look like it! My last post was 9 months ago. Since then i’ve completely given up on wp-ecommerce. I’ve been using woocommerce for over 6 months and developed a number of websites for clients using the plugin.

    I’ve found it better coded, better supported, extremely fast when compared to WPEC. There are also a really good selection of plugins and themes for that support Woocommerce.

    I’d recommend giving this a go for your next project.

    Thanks! I will consider it for the next websites.

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