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    Great plugin, but I’m having a problem with Google Calendar Widget ( I have two languages (set in WPML), let’s called them Humans and Animals, just for kicks. I put two Google Calendar Widgets into the widget area, one to list events in Human language, the other in Animal language.

    Here’s a tricky bit. When both widgets are static, they are shown on both languages. When I modify the first one to be shown only on the first language, and the second widget remains static, it works great. The first widget is visible only for humans, and the other for both languages.

    Now, when I set the second widgets similarly (to be seen only for animals), it disappears! The first widget works, but the second is gone.

    I’ve also tried:
    – To set them the other way round.
    – To put them on separate widget areas.
    – To switch the order.

    Nothing worked, but when I switched the order, the reverse was true (the one that disappeared was now correctly shown on only one language, and the other was now disappeared). In other words, the widget that is first is shown correctly. The second disappears but only when isn’t static.

    “Show widget default on all languages” is set as “Yes”, and I only choose the option “Except the languages”.

    Any suggestions?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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