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  • I’d like to continue a subject that came up in this thread.

    Apparently Dynamic Widgets way of loading during page rendering is sub-optimal. I understand this is simply a result of a limitation in WordPress, so it’s not meant as a criticism; DW is still excellent for a smallish amount of different widgets displayed under unique conditions.

    It seems however that taking the ‘separated sidebar’ route with themes (e.g. having a separate sidebar for posts, for pages, for front-page, for certain templates etc.) is more efficient when dealing with a lot of plugins. Could you be so kind as to confirm and maybe explain this in simple terms?

    I see it this way, but I might be wrong (I’m not a developer):

    Say I’m using sidebarX for all pages and sidebarY for all posts. When the browser renders the page, it’ll just check which sidebar I’m using, then load all of its associated plugins. In the case of Dynamic Widgets, it would look up every widget associated with the sidebar, then load only the ones that DW “allows”. If a lot of widgets are involved, the first approach will result in much fewer checks, making it the most efficient.

    Does that sound about right?

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  • Plugin Author Qurl


    You’re right there are two methods possible when dealing with dynamicly placed widgets:
    A) Using different sidebars
    B) Using conditional rules for widgets (the DW method)

    Both methods have it’s advantages and disadvantages. I think it’s more which method (approach) you like the best.

    Using method A means you’ll have to maintain several sidebars. Adding or removing a widget means going through all the sidebars, performing the same action. Also you’ll have to define for every template page where you want a difference in widgets a sidebar. For sure, rendering a page will be faster and less CPU intensive as the sidebar is defined in the theme template.

    Method B is I think already clear about it’s advantages and disadvantages. 😉

    Thanks for taking the time to clarify this.

    Maybe this information ought to be reiterated in “Other notes”?

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