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    I love your plugin, and it does everything I want it to do except have the option to display widgets only on specific Buddypress-generated pages.

    Buddypress creates at least four specific pages,, /forums/, /members/, and /groups/. However, they’re not technically pages, (nor are they custom post types) so they are not recognized by Dynamic Widgets.

    I realize this might be very complicated to implement, but on the off chance that it’s not, I thought I would request the feature. FYI – I currently have a few dynamic widgets that do not show up on these pages with the widget settings set to only certain categories. I know that’s probably not helpful.

    Also regarding Buddypress, the way it’s set up is kind of weird. If I were you and this were feasible, have the option for a widget to show up on /activity/ simply yes or no, /members/ yes or no, and then filtered by group (which group would you like this widget to show up on?) – each forum post is linked to a group.

    I’d be happy to help you test this out, or answer any questions if I wasn’t clear.


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    I’ll do some investigation if it’s possible. On first sight, it looks it is for the main components like activity, members and groups. It will probably take a couple of days to find out what can or can’t be done.

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    Just a small update. It’s possible to add some basic BuddyPress support. I think I will have something ready this weekend.

    Wow, you are amazing and respond quickly. 5 star rating!

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    OK, I’ve got Dynamic Widgets ready with BuddyPress Components and BuddyPress Groups support. Have a look at the development version

    Seems to be working just perfectly. Thanks!

    This might be asking a bit much, as we’re already putting the existing BP features to good use, but:

    I find that when users are in the forum index ( they browse; they look around for new information, stuff that wasn’t there last time they looked.

    When they’re browsing a thread ( they’re in reading mode; they were led here by a link that said “what you’re looking for is (probably) in here” and so now they want to read this content with minimal distractions, i.e. no distracting sidebar widgets.

    This is why I’d like the forum index page to be separate from topic pages, in terms of sidebars. There’s also the cost argument. For every forum index that is opened, another 5 forum topics are viewed, but it always starts with the forum index. So why re-load all that add-on information 5 more times, when the reader was most likely to have noticed it when first browsing the forum index anyhow?

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    I’m not sure if this is something where Dynamic Widgets is the right tool. Dynamic Widgets hides widgets, not sidebars. Using Dynamic Widgets for this would mean clearing out all the widgets from the sidebar. In a cost argument, this is still not ideal as Dynamic Widgets removes the widgets from the sidebar at the moment the page is rendering. Leaving an empty sidebar behind. In several themes when a sidebar is or becomes empty, it’s filled with (a few) standard widgets.

    I would suggest to add a template page without the sidebar and using it when a forum index is shown.

    In a cost argument, this is still not ideal as Dynamic Widgets removes the widgets from the sidebar at the moment the page is rendering.

    Oh I was not aware, that’s some valuable info.

    It seems I was a little too brief though. It’s still the right tool, I just didn’t explain my intended use-case in full –though with the newfound knowledge about the rendering queue I might have to reconsider if it turns out there’s a less resource-intensive method we could try.

    We’d still display widgets in topic-view, but only relevant ones. Hopefully we can find or create some context-specific widgets that can do (show) things like “threads with same tag”, “similar topics”, “posts by same author” and so forth. I imagine that would be the type of information that would add value to the page, rather than bloat it.

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    I’ll have a look if the Forum Index page (It’s actually the Forum page of the Group component) can be determined and isolated from a topic page.

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    Just to let you know I’ve just uploaded dev. version which has exclusion support for Components in BuddyPress Groups including Forums Index and Forums Topics.



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    Just thought I’d post a hearty thanks & congratulations for a brilliant plugin. I’ve been recommending Widget Logic to users of my themes, but they now have a much easier solution. Thanks again!

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