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[Resolved] [Plugin: Dynamic Widgets] Dynamic widgets with shortcodes inside

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    Please make sure the rules you have set are still there in the Dynamic Widgets settings for that specific widget. It does happen sometimes WordPress replaces widgets after an update.

    When everything is still fine, what happens when you remove those shortcodes again? Does it start working again?

    Thanks for the response!
    No, It doesn’t work when I remove the shortcodes and only the simple html code remains. It still shows on the pages I don’t want it to do.
    Do I have to deactivate and activate the plugin again? Because I already did it once before (without the shortcodes included) and it worked. But now with the shortcodes included it just doesn’t work.
    any advice?

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    Ok, that rules out a possible issue with shortcodes. Something else seems to be the problem. I don’t think a deactivation – reactivation of Dynamic Widgets will fix the issue. But it’s always worth a try of course.

    Did you change something else? Another template e.g.?

    I just deactivated and activated and it works on some pages that it wasn’t working before.
    about another template… I duplicated a page template from my theme and added php code to show my recent posts and categories. On that page is where the widget shows. Do you think that’s the problem?

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    Yes, that might be a problem. DW probably detects that page as something else.

    Do you know how can I fix it? or the best approach to find a solution?

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    Did you follow the guidelines for template hierarchy? For DW that’s very important.

    You can also try to switch DW into ‘OLD’ method. It does help sometimes. You can do that by going to the DW overview page, at the bottom click ‘Advanced’ and then tick the box for using OLD method.

    Thanks! it worked great on the ‘OLD’ method.

    Problem solved! 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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