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    I love(ed) this plugin but can;t make it work any more- when i click on static or dynamic in the widgets box, i go to 404 error. this is in multiple themes, multiple sites. On the sites where it was configured and working, it no longer works, and i can not edit it as the 404 keeps coming.

    I’d be happy to share more details with the developer and appreciate any assistance- the changelog says this 404 error was resolved, but unf for me, it’s not.

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    That’s not good. 🙁 I’ve got a couple of questions:

    – Any idea what has been changed on the sites where it was working?
    – What is the URL you see behind the ‘Dynamic’ or ‘Static’ link?
    – Does it work when you go to the settings page via ‘Dynamic Widgets’ under the ‘Appearance’ menu?

    thanks for the fast response!
    Both sites are ones i’m updating, so both are newest WP version, 3.1.1 One is thesis v 1.8 theme, the other pagelines platform. The plugin does n;t work on either site, even with all plugins disabled, via the link in the widget field- goes to that 404 page.

    however, thanks to your advice above, i can confirm that the plugin DOES work thru the appearance menu location- i’m embarrassed that i didn’t even know it was accessible that way!

    the URL that i get to that shows as 404 via the link in the widget pane is 'hxxp://'

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    Did you replace the actual domain with ‘DOMAIN’ in the URL? And also ‘http’ with ‘hxxp’? When I ignore both, I don’t see any problem with the URL. If you didn’t replace anything, please check your ‘General Settings’ in ‘Settings’.

    yeah, it is obviously http and my domain name. it just pops a 404 error when i click on the link in dynamic widgets in the widgets screen and that is the url that comes up.

    what settings should i be looking for in general settings?

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    I was wondering if the ‘WordPress address’ and ‘Site address’ are correct. But it looks like they are?

    Is the URL behind the ‘Dynamic Widgets’ link under the ‘Appereance’ menu ?

    no- when i hover over the link in the appearance menu it is

    the link in the widget itself- to dynamic or static, is

    thanks again for this speedy support!

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    I’m puzzled….
    All links look OK-ish, no sub-directory problem (that was actually the previous 404 issue).

    Have you tried another widget?

    When you go to the ‘abc-3’ widget (sorry, I only got the ID, don’t know exactly which widget it is) via the ‘Dynamic Widgets’ settings page and hit edit (link should be: Does that work?

    yeah, i can hit edit from that page, in fact that is the one i was seeking to display on posts only, and was successful using this appearance route to the dynamic controls.

    the edit link on that appearance page for that widget is and works just fine.. as do other widgets, but only if i control them thru the appearance>dynamic widget panel.

    same thing going on on my other site (which is hosted somewhere else, FWIW
    widget level access to dynamic controls goes to 404, but appearance>dynamic widget level access is just fine

    thanks for looking at it!

    strange stuff

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    Looks like the issue is related to the last part of the URL: &returnurl=url

    Now that’s weird! I can only think of one possible problem down there. I’m going to change a few things there, see if that fixes the problem. I think I have something for you tomorrow. Will let you know when I’m ready.

    At least you can edit the settings now.

    thanks so much- i’ll stay on this thread- again, thx for being so responsive!

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    Ok, I’ve changed something in the link. See if that helps. Also it made me find a minor security issue. So, that’s fixed also. 🙂

    Anyway, development version is ready for download

    Thanks Qurl-that fixed it on both sites!!

    fantastic support- i am so happy to have this working fully again- thx!

    $ sent too via paypal- thx!

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