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  1. Scott Reilly
    WordPress & Plugin Dev
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Plugin: Dynamic Text Replace

    Define your own custom dynamic text replacement pseudo-functions (i.e. ::google("search terms here")::)

    Details can be found at the plugin's homepage:

    All of my plugins can be found at:

    This plugin serves a different need than the Text Replace plugin (also written by me). Dynamic Text Replace allows you to easily pre-define text replacement template strings and allow for text to be passed in.

    It comes preloaded with pseudo-functions that facilitate making links to: amazon.com, answers.com, codex.wordpress.org, google.com, imdb.com, and wikipedia.com. The beauty is that you can create your own very easily!

    ::amazon("ASIN/ISBN goes here", "What you want as the link text")::
    ::answers("dictionary word or search terms go here", "Link text here")::
    ::codex("Use Custom Fields", "Learn how to use custom fields")::
    ::google("Search terms go here", "Link text here")::
    ::imdb("Search terms go here", "Link text here")::
    ::wikipedia("Search terms here", "Link text here")::

    In all cases, the second argument is optional. If not provided, the first argument will also be used as the link text. Double-quoting of arguments isn't required, though it is recommended.

    An Admin options page for the plugin greatly faciliates creation of new dynamic text replacements and also provides further documentation. In a nutshell, dynamic shortcuts are defined like:

    amazon => <a href='http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/%text%'>%display%</a>

    %text% represents the first argument to the pseudo-function.
    %display% represents the second argument to the pseudo-function
    %text_altered% (used in the other preloaded dynamic shortcuts) is used when the first argument has been altered, which is handled in a special section of the plugin that you'd have to modify yourself if it is a feature you intend to utilize

  2. Scott Reilly
    WordPress & Plugin Dev
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Plugin updated to v0.9.1

    Changes in this release:
    * Options page for plugin now viewable for users with userlevel of 8 or higher.
    * Removed debugging output code.

  3. zrortv
    Posted 10 years ago #

    not listed on compatability w/ WP2.0 page..
    anyone tested?

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