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    When it duplicates, i checked from the original web server and the new one. The permission rights are not the same :{

    I managed to get to the step where you now go to save permalinks. But when i try to open that page it can’t be accessed.

    I tried to ftp and browse to admin folder, it would not let me.

    Also i then noticed the permission rights for the files are not matching.

    Would it be possible to make the permission rights for all the files it’s duplicating to match ?

    Also how do i access the pages ? Cause the only page i got access to is the installer.php file, but everything else is inaccessible.

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  • I managed to access the web site as normal by changing permission rights.

    Apparently the installer does not retain the permission rights :{

    Any chance the duplicator plugin can retain permission rights in the future ? It’s very very tedious to change permission rights for thousands of files :{

    Anyway i did test that the duplicate at least works, putting aside the permission rights issue.

    However my widget side bar got pushed to the bottom, no idea why.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Thanks for the feedback!

    I have noticed this issue on some Linux server configurations. I’m not sure if this is SELinux or some other configuration issue. I’m currently investigating ways to get around it…

    As far as changing the permissions, this is really easy. 755 on all directories and 644 on all files. You can do this recursively on most FTP programs and should take about 10-30 seconds.

    Checkout this video for an example.

    :} nice video. I made videos of my own as well on my website

    How did you make such a fancy website logo animation for your video “:D !

    Anyways i will try your suggestion temporary, since i only need a template what my site looks like.

    Hopefully once you get the bugs fixed out, it can be a usable backup for me as well :]

    *checked the video again but it did not show how exactly to set 755 and 644 in one shot :{

    I did try recursive, but it set everything even files as 755. The only way i could do it was set everything 755, then set all the files by browsing per folder and sub folder and changing the files to 644 manually :{ still lots to do.

    Hopefully you make some break through on the permission rights.

    Anyway, i noticed one hicup when i duplicated. My side bar on the right, got pushed down to the bottom of my page. Why is that ? I thought it was an exact duplicate, so why would the dupe site show that behaviour ?

    Think you could take a peek using teamviewer and see whats up :d ?

    Other hiccups, was dbmanager says folder permission rights incorrect. Couldn’t really fix that even after i set the permission rights to 755 :/

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Adobe After Effects is the best way I know to create nice video intros…

    I know in FileZilla you can right click on a directory, check the “Recurse into subdirectories” checkbox then a set of radio buttons can be checked, that apply to files, directories, or both. It’s really a two-step process:

    1. Open the target root directory by right clicking and selecting “File Attributes”. Set the numeric value to 755 check the radio box “Apply to directories only” click OK.

    2. Open the target root directory again by right clicking and selecting “File Attributes” then set the numeric value to 644 check the radio box “Apply to files only” click OK.

    If your shell savy you can get some info from the wordpress codex on how to easily do the same thing from the shell.

    Now all your perms are set 🙂

    It’s restoring all my files with permission “644”, ok.
    But it’s restoring all my directories with permission “1341”, and that is preventing Filezilla from having permission to make the recursive changes for me. (It also prevents WS_FTP-PRO from chmoding).

    I had to use cpanel, folder by folder


    (If I use cpanel to “extract” the restore, all permissions are set right. But, that doesn’t create and join up the database.)
    Also, if I use the “fix my permalink” link, I go to the “WP 5 minute Install” page.
    Is not adding my new mysql password to the wp-config.
    It adds the new mysql db name, the new db-user, name, connect “test” works, but when all is said and done I have to manually change the db-user “password” in wp-config.php . It retains the password from the source site.

    I did notice in you video that you gave the “restore” blog a new name before restoring. I did not. I don’t know if that would have ill effects.

    Otherwise– Thanks for a great plugin.
    I love what it does and “need” it to work.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Thanks for the feedback!

    I will have the username and password fixed in the next release. I’m also looking at trying to find a way to retain permissions. Seems to be different across Linux Distros…

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