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    I am trying to create a package for a 387.36MB site, which fails without an error message. I’ve copied the contents of the debug log below. If I specifically exclude the uploads directory, that reduces the size to around 36MB and the package gets created.

    Looking in wp-snapshots directory with FTP, I can see that no zip file has been created for the larger site.

    Help much appreciated!



    11:13:12 log:act.duplicator_system_check=>content_size: 387.36MB
    11:13:12 log:act.duplicator_system_check=>overwrite
    11:13:18 log:act.duplicator_unlink=>removed
    11:13:19 log:act.duplicator_create=>start =====> version:0.2.3|wpversion:3.2.1
    11:13:19 log:act.duplicator_create=>using temp directory:/home/sweetspo/public_html/property/wp-snapshots/20111028_Sweetspot
    11:13:26 log:fun.duplicator_create_dbscript=>started
    11:13:26 log:fun.duplicator_create_dbscript=>dbiconv enabled
    11:13:27 log:fun.duplicator_create_dbscript=>ended
    11:13:31>archive info: ZipArchive Object
    [status] => 0
    [statusSys] => 0
    [numFiles] => 4092
    [filename] => /home/sweetspo/public_html/property/wp-snapshots/
    [comment] =>


    Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for /home/sweetspo/public_html/property/wp-snapshots/ in /home/sweetspo/public_html/property/wp-content/plugins/duplicator/inc/actions.php on line 45
    11:13:33 log:act.duplicator_create=>error: zipsize is zero. unable to write to database.
    11:13:33 log:act.duplicator_create======>end
    Logging Complete. (reload window to view results)

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    You might be running into memory or timeout issues. You can increase our settings for both of these options in the options dialog.

    I am having this same issue. It isn’t related to timeout nor memory.
    same issue, stating zipsize is zero. unable to write to database

    I was able to get it to work as well, but not till I could get it under 35mb. All images, plugin folder, and certain theme files needed to be transferred manually.

    I am having the issue on another site where I noticed that this it was seeing another folder called “wp_snapshots” and even though I had it sent to ignore that folder, it was giving a runtime error. I had to temporarily delete the folder in order to have it create the file.

    I like the trouble ticket support you offer, but I am wondering if a forum would be a good idea?

    This plugin is wicked! To be able to have an installation set up, where I don’t have to set up standard theme options for every site I do is very valuable. I am surprised this isn’t already one of the top plugins for wordpress. This sort of plugin is very popular with other CMS options (Joomla, Drupal, Etc) it is about time WordPress had this option as well.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey badjesus,

    Thxs for the feedback. With help and feedback from the community it will eventually get much better… I thought about a forum, just haven’t had the time to install one yet. I thought about just using Google groups maybe, not sure…

    Know of any forums that don’t run ads on them that look good?

    @lifeinthegrid SimplePress seems to work well with WP

    I have been using Duplicator on a test site and moved it to a live domain ok. There are several plugins needing an update so I thought I’d use Duplicator for a backup.

    But the package never gets created. It is 27.56kb in size.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    Have since found the FAQ’s and it looks like it’s a server issue after all.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey TAC28,

    Do you remember what kind of server issue it was? We might be able to help someone else out with the same problem…

    Hi –

    I used your plugin on one of my sites and it worked very well.

    But, now when I install Duplicator to my other sites and activate it I have the same issue each time.

    When I click “Create Package” it gives me the size (47.31 mb) – when I click “OK” the status bars move for about 3 seconds, the screen refreshes and nothing happens – no package is created.

    Here is my Compatability info:

    Key: Good [1] OK [0] Bad [-1]
    PHP Version: 5.3.10 [1]
    Web Server: Apache [1]
    Safe Mode: Off [1]
    Open Base Dir: Not Enabled [1]
    Compression: Pass [1] (ZipArchive extension required for compression)

    W3 Total Cache: Cache Directory Not Found

    Please exclude all cache store directories. This will help for a faster and cleaner install.

    Am I doing something incorrectly?


    Sorry to use the thread but could see lifeinthegrid
    Is there step by step instructions somewhere for using with multisite? before i spend several hours on the net trying to find or several hours trying to use only to find it wont work with multisite

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hi gnfb,

    The plugin hasn’t been tested to work with multi-site yet. However it is on the todo list.

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