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  • Resolved sfortune


    Apologies if this is the most basic issue, but I’m baffled and not seeing a resolution anywhere else in the forum.

    When I run the installer and put in all the required information, I get the database connection failed error saying I don’t have permission.

    My purpose of using this plugin is to drag my online site to localhost.

    These are my settings when I run the installer
    Host: localhost
    Name: (my name I created)
    User: (the username I use for the online site)
    Password: (password I use for the online site)

    I also tried (‘Username’ = ‘root’ and ‘Password’ = ‘mysql’) after seeing that on another forum.

    Please assist… because I think once it works this plugin will be AWESOME! Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey sfortune,

    The connection setting uses the built in PHP mysql functions. So if it can’t connect then you there some issues on your localhost that will need to be checked. These usually are related to how you have MySQL setup. There are certain settings on the mysql user table that need to be adjusted in order for PHP to establish the database connection successfully.

    Check out the following article for a complete rundown for setting up your localhost database correctly:

    Let me know how it goes…

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hi sfortune,

    Any luck getting this going?

    Hi Lifeinthegrid, apologies for delay in getting back to you — forgot to click “notify me via email” so I didn’t realise you had responded. I finally got the plugin to work; still not sure what I was doing wrong as I didn’t change any of the information. But the plugin is awesome, excellent! Was able to backup my online site locally. Thanks a lot!

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey sfortune,

    I totally understand, maybe something was cached. Anyways there are many levels of complexity to this plugin, so feedback from the community is definitely appreciated! Eventually we’ll get all the kinks worked out…



    I’m new to Duplicator and I’m having problems with the Installer.
    I’ve downloaded the zip archive file and installer to C:/xampp/packages on my PC but can’t get Installer to work.
    Here’s a step-by-step record of what I’ve done.
    1. Opened
    Logged in and opened MySQLDatabases
    Found one existing db with the same name as its user
    As I’d had no success in installing using that one, I created new db.
    The addition of new db was confirmed by the software.
    I then created a new user gave it a password and assigned the new user to the new db, with “All Privileges”
    2. Opened Duplicator Installer. (http://localhost/packages/installer.php)
    (C:/xampp/htdocs/packages is the folder that holds the zip archive file:-502b9a6d2a91c2699_20120815_allaboutyourcat_package, together with installer.php and a log file).
    Filled in the following fields:-
    Host: localhost
    Name:- the new db name
    User:- the new user name
    Password: the password I defined for the new user
    Clicked “Test Connection”. Result: “DATABASE CONNECTION FAILED!”
    Tried again with the Password field left empty. Result: “VALIDATION SUCCESSFUL!”
    (This I don’t understand! How can validation be successful with no password?)
    Clicked on “Install”. Result: “DATABASE CREATION FAILURE!”
    Any suggestions?

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hi Redvic,

    Just to double check. On your localhost you logged into a tool like phpmyadmin and created a database system user and password? The plugin doesn’t create any user names or password.

    It only uses the username and password to validate that you can connect to the database. I have a video that demonstrates this process (just fast forward to the 7min mark). I plan to make another one that is a bit more streamline.

    As far as the password field empty that is actually possible if you don’t have the system database setup correctly…

    Hope that helps!

    Hey lifeinthegrid,

    I am having similar problems as Redvic except once I finally get a successful connection and run deployment, I get stuck at processing Files & Database. I tired both step suggested when I got the Ru deployment error. Tried deleting the wp_config file and tried deleting all the file in the root.
    All the samples I see online, when the run the /installer.php, I notice a settings option displayed above the database. I don’t ever seem to get that.
    I have been trying for a few days and getting really frustrated that I cannot seem to get this to work.
    I even let the “Processing Files & Database Please wait” run for a few hours and it doesn’t go anywhere.

    I am trying to move a wordpress site from my local host which is, Go Daddy to another host called Host Papa. Do you know what issues I could be experiencing?

    I took the step of creating new DB user etc. etc.

    All you help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    You may have a different version of the plugin then some of the online demos/videos… The process shouldn’t really take more than 30 mins and this would be will a very larger site and slow server.

    Have you checked the installer-log.txt file and seen where its stopping? If you want to post a help ticket I can look at your log file for you… Please don’t post it on the forums…


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