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  • Resolved Cyrus180


    Hey there,

    I can’t create packages on my host server. The server seems to reach the minimum requirements:

    PHP Version: 5.2.17 [0] (PHP 5.2.17+ is required)
    Web Server: Apache [1]
    Safe Mode: Off [1]
    Open Base Dir: Not Enabled [1]
    Compression: Pass [1] (ZipArchive extension required for compression)

    W3 Total Cache: Cache Directory Not Found

    I think there is a problem with the setting of the max execution time. Here are the important lines of the log file:

    01:10:16 log:act__system_check=>content_size: 238.89MB
    01:10:16 log:act__system_check=>create new package
    01:10:23 *********************************************************
    01:10:23 duplicator:0.2.9 | wp:3.3.2 | php:5.2.17
    01:10:23 server:Apache
    01:10:23 browser:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/536.5 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/19.0.1084.56 Safari/536.5
    01:10:23 package:20120630_
    01:10:23 max_time:Unabled to set max_execution_time | max_memory:512M
    01:10:23 mysql wait_timeout: 900


    01:10:41 log:act__create=>temp backup complete.
    01:10:41 *********************************************************
    01:10:41 SQL SCRIPT
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>started
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>dbiconv enabled
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>creating table: wp_commentmeta
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>table processed: wp_commentmeta
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>creating table: wp_comments
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>table processed: wp_comments
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>creating table: wp_duplicator
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>table processed: wp_duplicator
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>creating table: wp_links
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>table processed: wp_links
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>creating table: wp_mappress_maps
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>table processed: wp_mappress_maps
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>creating table: wp_mappress_posts
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>table processed: wp_mappress_posts
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>creating table: wp_ngg_album
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>table processed: wp_ngg_album
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>creating table: wp_ngg_gallery
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>table processed: wp_ngg_gallery
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>creating table: wp_ngg_pictures
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>table processed: wp_ngg_pictures
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>creating table: wp_option_tree
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>table processed: wp_option_tree
    01:10:41 log:fun__create_dbscript=>creating table: wp_options

    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 29097984) (tried to allocate 543841 bytes) in /homepages/34/d199161359/htdocs/Con-Tex_V2/wp-content/plugins/duplicator/inc/functions.php on line 38

    May you have any idea how I can solve this problem?

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  • I seem to be having similar problems, the packet generator is running, but creating a 0 size packet, when clicked to download the index page loads

    admin 06-30-12 9:53 0B 20120630_solarair
    the log is

    <script src=”″></script>

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey Cyrus180/Ironmonger,

    If you shoot me a ticket to I can set you up with the next version which should address some of these issues.

    Hope this helps!

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