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  • Hi Jbeaujardin

    Awesome plugin. But have one issue. It doesn’t work on website with lot fo posts 🙁 To delete 100 posts – works BEAUTIFULLY! But to crawl 20,000 and delete 2,000 – it just die after first 100.

    Plugin is very good in finding duplicated posts. That part is AWESOME. But once it find them, and even if I select to delete 100 at time – it will take like 20 minutes for this process. It will delete 100, I check posts count. But after that comes with blank page and you have to run search again. So it really takes like 30 min to delete one batch of 100 posts. If you sort this issue with script it would be A BEAUTY. I am first to donate when this is sorted 🙂



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  • Plugin Author optimum7



    I am correcting that issue. You are right, it takes a while to delete posts. I will update the plugin shortly. Thanks for your response and review.

    Julian Beaujardin.

    Thanks Julian

    That will be awesome. It would really help me.
    Can you please let me know when will new version be available?

    Hey Julian,

    I’m having the same issue. I have a site

    That has over 200,000+ post and roughly 4,300 are duplicates. It finds them, but it doesn’t process the request when I try to remove them. The plugin dies at scale.

    Any updates on a fix for this?




    I’ve found a way around this.

    I downloaded and sorted through the database “containing” “post_name” -2

    “-2” is the incremental post name value for duplicates.

    I deleted by hand.

    Hope that helps.




    Thanks Ling, I’ll test that idea. Do you know will this also remove any articles that have ‘-2’ in slug. For example “New-Product-2012” would be slashed too 🙁


    Another issues is that we should really do 301 on all those (now 404) links and return them to original post. Something like: RewriteRule ^(.*)-2 /$1 [L,R=301] But I think this would also clash with article like “New-Product-2012”.

    @dean – no it will not remove it as you will have to delete them manually. This just gives you a way to sort through them easier for the manual deletion.

    Also, you can use this plugin for reference as well.

    Thanks Ling. Yes, i was thinking to automatically delete all. Do you have experience with 301 redirect this these links?
    Julian this would be great addition to plugin, to have redirect to original link + 301.

    Hi Julian,
    I would be so happy to see this plugin work – and fast deleting posts. As said that is the only issue. Can you please let me know when will be sorted? If I can help somehow, please let me know.


    @dean re:301 Our links were not indexed yet, so we didn’t have to deal with that.

    I would try the “redirection” plugin.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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