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  • The images and thumbnails and attaching to products are a freaking disaster…you need to seriously re-work how you handle such an important part of a shopping cart. Simply relying on people to upload and image and “save all images” is just ridiculous and frankly does not do such a great programming justice…get with it!

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  • Plugin Author moshthepitt


    Thank you for your kind words and ideas.

    In all honesty we’re relying on core WordPress media handling “as is”. WordPress is no “FAIL” in my books.

    All the same, we shall think of how to improve. Do you have any specific things you want improved?

    That is not 100% true, you are using timthumb to handle images and it creates havoc when the latest WordPress 3.2.1 media handling does thumbs for you. Get rid of TimThumb (native WordPress can do the same thing) and improve the way you attach an image as a thumbnail. Per your instructions on the DukaPress site “Don’t click insert into post but save all” for the thumbnail to work? Really? That is hackish and not worthy of the rest of the product.

    Plugin Author moshthepitt


    You can click insert if you want to, nothing will break if you do. it is just that your product will show two images – one generated by DukaPress.

    There is also a shortcode which shows NO images generated by DukaPress. You can use this for your single product pages and avoid the issue of “not clicking insert”.

    Here it is: [dpsc_display_product_information_only]

    We used Timthumb because it represents the easiest way for uses to change the thumbnail sizes as regularly as they want to. I think you agree that this is currently difficult to do.

    I have, however, heard you. Thank you.

    Respectfully, I agree with OP. Please, get rid of the Timthumb image interface, or perhaps– turn it into its own plugin for those who want to use it. I need to have very precise control over my images, as the image that I want to use as thumbnail is very long and narrow for each product– detail shots are more conventionally shaped. This makes it difficult for me to compose my product pages. I have handled the images coming from timthumb by adding a “NO DISPLAY” for all their classes inmy CSS file. But the pages still call for the images, which adds a second or so to my loading time…

    I am so very discouraged with the tim thumb plugin. It I want to choose a “featured image” to use as custom header for the main category of each of my products. TimThumb grabs that image and adds it to the product page, when it has nothing to do with the product– only with the category.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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