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[Plugin: dsIDXpress IDX Plugin] dsIDXpress broken in MU

  • everwill


    Out of the blue DSIDXpress stopped working on a number of websites on which I have paid IDXpress a licensing fee to supply data. Usually when I have a technical support issue, the support staff is slow to respond and difficult to deal with. Today is no exception.

    My sites stopped showing “custom links” more 3 days ago, which is when I reported the problem to Diverse Solutions. After nagging them for three times a day for three days in a row, I am given this response:

    Hello Will,

    Our Developers are letting me know that we are now using the code “get_home_url()” for reporting what domain the dsIDXPress is registered on. Without that code being used, your website can’t display those listings correctly on the “http://huntington-club.info/about/prices/” page for example.You will need to go in and modify your WordPress websites to have the “get_home_url()” code to return the correct URL’s for your website.

    You can find more information on that code here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_home_url

    Let me know when you’re able to complete that task.

    Thank you,

    Unfortunately I have no idea where they want me to put this snippet. In the themes of the websites? When I called tech support, the person who answers the phone has never programmed a WordPress website in an capacity, so he’s clueless. Does anyone else have any idea what they are talking about?


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  • alesub


    They are asking you to set the right URL in Settings -> General. Looks like the problem is that your current URL is different than the one they have on their records.

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