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  • Resolved Chris


    Hi, thanks for this plugin, very useful!
    It would be great if the Dropbox App could be created only with access for one particular folder so that the blog authors find all photos at one place (you might have many authors who are not supposed to see the whole Dropbox).
    Also, if the authorization didn’t work because of a wrong setup it returns a warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …/wp-content/plugins/dropbox-photo-sideloader/dropbox-photo-sideloader.php on line 87 The array contains: ( [error] => Full Dropbox access attempt failed because this app is not configured to have full Dropbox access. Should your access type be app folder (‘sandbox’) instead? ). It would be good to have a button to delete the settings and start over again if Dropbox returns an error.

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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    In the long term, it does need more error handling, I grant you. Dropbox’s API is a bit limited in the ability to verify bad settings.

    The one-folder thing I’ve considered as well. However, your “many authors” comment indicates a bit of a misunderstanding of how it works. You can’t see other people’s Dropboxes, only your own. Other authors can’t see your Dropbox at all, they only see their Dropbox.

    The authentication thing (where you authorized the application to access the dropbox) is on a per-user level, not a per-site level. You authorized the plugin to connect to your Dropbox, but the credentials are only *for you*. Other authors, when they visit that screen, will have to authorize for their own Dropboxes. Also, for that case, the App on Dropbox’s end cannot be in “Developer” mode.



    OK, I see.
    So it would also be nice to have a site-wide Dropbox authentication. Otherwise, for every new author one has to set up an own Dropbox account.
    But that’s not an urgently needed feature, more for the future in a production environment.

    Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    I added additional error checking to the setup process in version 0.3. Now it will validate that the key/secret you put in is valid and working by making a test call to the Dropbox API first, and giving you an error if it failed.

    The site-wide thing I’ll consider, but it seems a bit dangerous and will require some thought. Even if I put in code to restrict it to a directory, the App itself would have to have full access unless it was restricted at the app level to a specific directory. Dropbox does offer this as an option, but the implementation is trickier that way.

    Love the plugin concept!

    Would be fantastic if it could support uploading .mp3s or other large(r) media files. I attempted to do so myself:

    • The actual modifications within the plugin to have it display .mp3 from dropbox aren’t so bad. Search for gif or png and add / edit the file type lists in a few spots.
    • The dropbox tab will show .mp3 and attempt to upload them, but then provide a “Error when sideloading. Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.” which is coming from call to is_wp_error that is a core function
    • Reading up a bit more, limit comes from what mime types can be uploaded with default configuration of WP.
    • Tried changing options in settings panel for mime types, a few plugins which offer more configuration / types, but none seem to enable this successfully.

    Not sure what the resolution to this is – but it would be a great feature to have.

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