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  1. Moogle Stiltzkin
    Posted 4 years ago #


    A screenshot for starters how this plugin works and looks like.

    Being able to browse for files to share same like Download Monitor wp plugin.

    Also like download monitor, when removing files from downloads, it will not delete the actual files and folders from your server, just like download monitor.

    Then this would be a great alternative :}


    just saw the demo here

    The widget for downloads should have a date added, and a sort functionality by name or when it was added etc.

  2. Zambrano Sergio
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    If it won't make the final html heavier (users with no knowledge of css would get stuck with the date, no way to reduce, move it around or delete it) I'll think about the date thing, although it's not intended for you to run a whole sharing website with it!

    I'm not concerned about removing files since my plugin doesn't even upload them. That's a whole new php file-managing story, and I'm more a css guy.

    I'd rather ask download monitor to have my features :)

    Glad you found the demo :)

  3. Zambrano Sergio
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Actually, you CAN upload files right from WP. No need to FTP them.

    Just follow the instructions for uploading media.
    Voilá. No need of Download monitor!

    i.e. When placing a file in a post, you have the option to upload it from your hard drive.

    Any file is not an image will generate a link. That's all you need to run my plugin's button on. (add an extra line aobve and below your link and select them all before to click the button, if it's one link. No worries if many links)

    If IT IS an image, just copy the link right before to place it, and cancel the operation. Paste that link into your post, and run the Downloads-Box plugin button on it.

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