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    Stop Second Callout?
    Your “DB” plug-in is working great for me, thanks. I’m using two instances of your “Downloads Box” on the same page; one for documents and one for related web links. Unfortunately every visitor sees two instances of the brown Callout box (the “You have permission…” box on the right).
    Is there a way to turn off one of them… preferably the first one?

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    Are you using two widgets?
    or two instances of the downloads-box button / shortcode placed in a page/post?
    or One of each?

    I’m not using widgets. With the plug-in installed all you really have to do is add the following lines to your page…

    [downloads_box title=”Library Documents:”] ← Drag the file name of your PDF document here. Change nothing between the square brackets.[/downloads_box]

    [downloads_box title=”Other Resources:”] ← Add a link to one of the other pages here Change nothing between the square brackets.[/downloads_box]

    …and you will get two nicely colored box areas that will be dedicated to….in my case #1) a set of PDF files and #2) a set of links to other pages within my site. The code you see here is actually part of a template page I created for use by co-workers who are not WP savvy. I include more directions that you see here.

    The problem is that each time you call for the code within the square brackets you will call up a separate instance of the brown “Permissions” call-out box that appears on the right margin area of the page. I’d like to put in a conditional statement of some sort that prevents the second instance.

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Zambrano Sergio


    No, not at the time. Each box belongs to each download box.

    If you had them separate by enough text to never see them into the browser’s window at the same time, you might want each of them to show its own popup.

    I can’t think a simple solution right now, since the shortcode consturctor doesn’t know the existence of the other shortcode for me to determine whether it’s been already added or not, and finding a way to do it would hurt others who do want the popup in each box.

    By the way, I wonder whether the links are working at all for your example.

    Between the opening and closing square brackets sets [db]here[/db] should go a working link, not a single text with a file name… and drag/dropping an icon from the desktop would make a link to that computer’s file, depending on your computer’s OS, not to a remotely hosted file, if the browser ever does anything with a drag/dropped file into wp editor.

    My plugin only changes the EXISTING link attributes (source, alt text, css style for the icon) but it does nothing whether it doesn’t find any link attribute to change.

    Thanks for responding Sergio. Unfortunately spacing out the two instances won’t work until we get more entries in the 1st box… but yes, that would help.

    As for the possible coding problems… the people I work with on my site have zero interest or patience for creating links or coding. So, I set up a template that shows them a simple way to add the link to a PDF file in their Media Library…

    [downloads_box title=”PDF Documents:”]  ← Drag the file name of your PDF document from the second column of the Media Library and drop it just in front of this arrow.  A link will automatically be generated.  Next, change all of this text into the abstract and key words needed to describe your new file.  ← If you have another file, drag its name here, etc.  Delete all arrows and directions.  Change nothing between the square brackets. brackets.[/downloads_box]

    To automate the linking to other pages the template directions say this…

    [downloads_box title=”Other Resources:”]  ← To add a link to one of the other pages in this site open the “Posts” list using a second tab.  Locate the desired post page in the list.  Hover your mouse over the post name until the word “View” appears.  Drag the word “View” up to the tab of the post you are currently editing.  Hold the cursor over that tab until its edit window opens.  Drag the word “View” down to the arrow at the start of this paragraph and let go.  A link to the other page will automatically be generated.  Change the word “View” into the name of the destination post page.  Finally, change all of this text into the words needed to describe your linked page.  Delete all arrows and these directions.  Change nothing between the square brackets.[/downloads_box]

    So you can see that we DO end up with the required “working link”.
    Well, if you ever think of an easy fix I’d be most appreciative.

    Plugin Author Zambrano Sergio


    Isn’t it easier to use the starburst shaped icon above the post editor to add all the links you want from your media library? Then, one click on my plugin would do the rest.

    By clicking on the button with no selection it gives you a default shortcode and link structure, but it’s not for dummies, since you have to edit the link, BUT making your list the wordpress way would take full advantage of my plugin features. Just select the whole list and click the button. It will ask you for the box name, and voila.

    Also, you get people following the same 3 steps, but they’ll be learning useful wp stuff, not your useless-for-anything-else-other-than-this-single-task specific stuff.

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