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  • As far as I can tell, there is no way to view or create your own codes. The only way I can view the codes created is by downloading the csv file and opening it. There really needs to be a better way to view codes that get created. Maybe even a way to send them via email. Would also be great to be able to manually create a code.

    This plugin is great, but it needs some fine tuning.

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  • It’s difficult to do this because you have to create a form that edits the database. You can accidentally do a self-injection if you used a funny character in one of your custom codes.

    BUT if you insist on being able to view and edit codes, it’s not too hard if you wanna do it manually. Be warned that if you mess up the database, you WILL have to redo everything. This means a bunch of useless codes if you never backed them up.

    1.) Go into your web host contol panel. You’re going to want to go into the MYSQL settings.
    2.) Get into PHPMyadmin
    3.) Look for your WordPress database (click on databases until you find one with “wp_” as a prefix on all the tables
    4.) Look for wp_DCR_codes
    5.) Click Browse
    6.) Here are your codes. You may edit them as they aren’t hash encrypted. If you export this CSV, edit the codes column in excel, and import using “replace values” then you can do the codes manually.

    Complex, but possible. Good luck, and don’t mess up your database. ALWAYS BACK UP!

    ummm….yeah… not gonna do that… too complex and not worth the hassle. there are other download code plugins out there that do this. Despite missing a few other features that I like in this plugin, I can at least create my own codes, view current and past codes, etc….all from the wordpress admin back end. It just creates its own database table like a lot of other wordpress plugins do. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to do so in this plugin if countless other plugins out there are capable of creating a database table to store, display and modify data.

    with your form to edit the info, you can use scripts that restrict what characters can be used.

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