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  • What I mean by that is, you can only add one extension type to all pages on your website. It’s does not let you pick and choose what ones to apply it too either. And it does not play nice with many other plugins that create subpages or posts. It will not disable from within the plugin’s own GUI interface and when you disable it in any way you MUST restore your database. If you do want to try this plugin out, make sure you have a recent backup of the database and and custom files!

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    I’ve set up using this plugin on my localhost, but when I recently upgraded to WP 3.0.4 it no longer works. Even though the slugs say shtml, when I click on links to send me to pages on my site, it comes up with a “not found” message. When I manually change the link to .html in my browser, it comes up fine. But the site already exists on the net as a static site, with .shtml extentions.

    I need to duplicate in in WP form with .shtml so it doesn’t lose any WP credibility. I thought this plugin would do it for me, but now it looks like it’s hosed. Clicking on the “visit this plugins site” on the plugins WP site sends me to a dead link.

    What’s up?

    Well, now I’m hosed. The only backups I had were since I installed and implemented the plugin.

    So I disabled it, and deleted it’s files, and my URLs are mostly ok, except fot the upper domains. In other words http://localhost/whatever/page works fine, but http://localhost/whatever sends me to a list of old pages, not to the WP pages.

    Any help? This is really bugging me. 1 star for this plugin.

    Oh, frabjous day!
    The problem was that now that I disabled the plugin, the upper levels reverted back to their normal URLs (without the .shtml). But I still had old folder in my domain for those upper level pages. So WP returned the address for those folders. Once I changed the name of the folders (I simply added an “x” to the end of their names) the WP URLs for them came up.

    Still hate that plugin, though.

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    ENJOY IT…..

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