• With the last update of WordPress (6.3.1) when I want to add a amazon product I visualize only the message “Loading” and I can’t add a product by link, but this problem is for all page of the plugin. I’ve noticed there are some problem with a load script in the mozilla console and in the edge console.
    At this link you can see the error.

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    Try disabling your ad-block addons/extensions of your browser.


    Since the last two updates of WordPress a certain number of products are no longer displayed. Instead I get the following message “Auto Amazon Links: No products found.” I disabled the ad blocker but that doesn’t change anything. I viewed my site on a cell phone and it’s the same.

    Can you find a solution?

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    Hi @haoris ,

    I’m not aware of any recent WordPress update-related issues with Auto Amazon Links. Unless an issue is confirmed, it won’t be fixed. So please try to find a way to reproduce it in different environments.

    It could be that their database has been updated and the products become unavailable. Or somehow, HTTP requests are not going through when the plugin is trying to fetch data. I suggest you create a few test units with different unit types and see if they show some products.

    If you are certain that recent WordPress updates are causing some issues with this plugin, you might want to try a test site with an old WordPress version and check if the plugin works with it. Then you can tell which version causes a conflict.


    I had the problem with 2 different sites on which I do not use the same themes and not the same plugins (except AAL). I had cleared the caches, changed media. The products, which are of various categories, are all available. The problem occurred on both computer and mobile. Since late last night, everything is back to normal! Although the problem had been occurring for days and even weeks. What happened ? Mystery 🙂

    Thank you very much for your response, but it seems everything is back to normal.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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