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  • I have updated the plugin and a friend donated. Within this procedure I saw some pronlems:

    I translated the plugin in the source in german. After the update my translation is gone. For every plugin which is in contact to the front-user, it would be very nice to have a separat translation file.

    It would by very nice to choosen the “Donate” Button in the admin.

    I’ve seen the “Recurring Donations” posibility. I changed to “Once”. After I have saved the options, it shows me “1 years”. That means “every year once a time” or “only once a time”. What do I have to do for “Once a time”?

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  • Sorry, I forgot, that there is a translation file, but I can’t change it in the admin, and so I forgot it.

    “Write your comment within 199 characters.” is not included in the translation file.

    Thank you for the excellent comments! I’ve made some more modifications based on your input. Please update to v1.5


    I don’t want to annoy you, I only want to make the plugin better, but I have found some other problems. Please tell me if I stop to comment.

    The version nr. in the widget core ist still 1.4. after the update, it doesn’t chance and always ask to update.

    “”Write your comment within 199 characters.” is still not in the langauage file. I mean the sentence after the input textarea for the donor: <textarea name=”os1″ id=”donor_comment” rows=”4″ cols=”45″ style=”width:90%”></textarea>
    <span id=”charinfo”>Write your comment within 199 characters.</span>

    I don’t know if that is a general wordpress problem, but after the automaticly update my own language file is deletet. If you want, I can translate the language file in german and you can include it in the plugin.

    The changes you made in 1.5 are great. thank you.

    Telling me issues is not annoying, it’s helpful. Thank you for continuing to do so.

    I’ve integrated the widgets into the main plugin to fix the version control issue, an update should be available any minute now.

    “Write you comments within…” is now in the language file, thanks!

    Please send your translated .po files to and I will add them to the repository.


    Thank you. Did you receive my email?

    Sure did, look for an update with the issues you noted corrected and the translation file included.

    Thanks for the help!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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