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  • Hey guys,

    I’m using the Donate Plus Widget Plug-in (1.85) with a non-profit paypal account in germany.

    First of all let me say thank you to the programmer, as it’s a very elegant, nixe plug-in.

    Regular one-time donations are working perfectly, but recurring donations are withdrawn only once. As far as I can see in Paypal-Accounts that tried to make those repeating donations, no future payments are listed.

    Has anyone got a solution to this problem?
    Is the programmer aware of these problems?

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  • exactly the same problem
    everything works perfectly fine EXCEPT the recurring payments
    and of course that is scary if we left it on because
    donors will put in a very small amount (compared to one-time)
    and then the recurring thing wont work.

    pls fix!

    i had the same problem . i added the code

    $output =	'<script type="text/javascript">
    						function changeToRecurring()
    							document.getElementById("cmd").value = "_xclick-subscriptions";
    							document.getElementById("a3").value = document.getElementById("amount").value;

    at line 414 in donate-plus.php
    and change this
    $output = '<form id="donateplusform" action="'.$verifyurlz[$dplus['testing_mode']].'" method="post" >';
    $output .= '<form id="donateplusform" action="'.$verifyurlz[$dplus['testing_mode']].'" method="post" >';



    Hi dvir.levy,

    I am trying to sort out the same issue, and trying to use your method to sort it, but I am not sure where to add the function you include in your post above. You state line 414.

    On line 414 of donate-plus.php I see:

    <input type="hidden" name="a3" id="a3" value="" />

    It doesn’t look like I should be adding your code here. Is it supposed to replace existing code, or just be added to the script?

    also the code you include is not in the format ‘$output .=’, but rather ‘$output =’ – I’m not sure if this is significant.

    As well as the issue with recurring payments only being set to occur once, I am also trying to address an error message I get when the amount of recurring payments is set to a high number, and make this script work so that entering 0 with recurring payments leads to an ongoing recurring payment with no deadline for payments finishing.

    Can you help with any of this?



    Hello, is the fix provided by dvir.levy working for recurring donation?

    Also, could someone please tell me how to modify the field length for the donation amount? It appears ridiculously long on our site, there is room for a one trillion dollar donation which looks awkward.

    I read the read me file that is in the widget package with the CSS styling but someone I can not get it to reduce the size of that label even though I have some CSS experience. I must be doing something wrong but I can’t figure out what.

    Thank you for your help.

    I can confirm that by adding dvir.levy’s code, recurring payments do get passed to PayPal. I wasn’t clear on what I was doing when I posted my last message on this topic. Without the code PayPal only registers one payment.

    I am now experiencing an issue where profiles for recurring payments are cancelled as as soon as they are created though. I will be contacting PayPal to see if they can advise on this.

    To fix the length of the donation input add the following to the CSS for your theme/child theme:

    input#amount {
    	width:50px; /* adjust to width you want */

    THANK YOU, nickharambee!

    Please update us about the profile auto cancellation issue if you can, do you pay an extra $30 a month to PayPal to have that option enabled? I don’t know if it is required for PayPal standard that Publisher seems to be using but the fee is required on top of the usual PayPal PRO fee that we are paying for another site: $30 plus $30.

    I have received recurring donations using a PayPal account (using simple buttons) without paying an extra fee, so I imagine it should work without any extra payment. I will let you know how I get on.

    I actually would like to set up the recurring without any specific length of recurrence like I have it set up on another site.
    I really don’t see how that helps the organization to ask the person to set a number of desired recurrence.
    Donors will cancel whenever they want to stop the recurrence.
    I would be very interested in knowing how we can take this setting off.

    Yes, this would be the best option for me too. It is possible to set ongoing recurring donations through PayPal, as you can do it with a customised button, but I am not sure how to adapt this plugin to do this.


    I have posted a thread here:

    hopefully a good soul will help us out… such a great plugin for the most part, too bad it was never really completed or supported.

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