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  • Hi,

    Whilst testing the plugin, I got a friend to make a payment. The payment was successful and I’m now £1 better off. The transaction doesn’t show on the wall and the donation total is still showing Zero.

    Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?



    PS – a million more tests and I can retire 😉

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  • Are you still supporting this plugin?

    Is your PayPal account able to handle IPN?

    Erm, no. That’ll be the problem then.

    OK, I’ve just investigated IPN activation on Paypal. My email address is confirmed and I have checked the box to activate IPN. What do I put as the URL? Do I use the root URL of my blog or the URL of the donations page?


    Your default IPN url is overridden by the plugin form so it doesn’t much matter, but if you need something to put it is http://{yourwebsite}.com/wp-content/plugins/donate-plus/paypal.php

    Hi Devbit

    Thanks for your help, this now works fine. Though I also changed the attributes on the php files in the donate-plus directory to 755 at the same time. So I’m not sure which nailed it for me.


    hey everyone, I’m sorry that maybe this is just plain stupidity. But i’ve had some donations entered, and they’re not auto posting into the database. The only thing I can think that’s causing it right now, is that the plugin is installed in a wordpress test directory, (which is currently in a sub directory of my main site), ie Is this plugin not intended to be used within sub directories? I just don’t want to go live with the site if there’s a problem with the donation wall… if i know it’s a sub-dir problem, then it’ll be ok.

    ps. I did enable IPN on the paypal site, and have resolved the “Invalid” error that was originally generating prior to enabling… it’s just not posting to the db now

    I am having a problem with the donation wall donors appearing. The records are being created in the database. The paypal donations are being received. The totals are showing correctly.

    However, The donor wall tag [donorwall] does not show donors.

    Any suggestions?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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