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  • Been trying to set up the IPN for the donate plus plugin but its not working.

    Want it to show the total amount, and recongnitions wall but nothing shows apart the donate form.

    I have turned on my IPN and got an e-mail that it was invalid… What do i do now. I changed the testing_mode to live_mode to get the retrying to sent but still nothing.

    Why is the url which was given by the plugin invalid?
    Also in the admin area donate plus nothing shows and i know people have been donating.

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  • I have been looking around at all the other forums.
    Changed $port = fsockopen (‘ssl://’, 443, $errno, $errstr, 30);
    Made sure all was correct in paypal.
    Deleted all other plugins.
    Nothing is showing. No recognitions wall, no total amount and nothing in the admin area showing all who have donated nothing seems to be working… Help would be really grateful as it’s a great plugin but getting very frustrated now with nothing working the way it should!

    Here’s how I fixed it…

    In the donate-plus.php file there are two instances of something like this…
    str_replace(ABSPATH, trailingslashit(get_option('siteurl')), dirname(__FILE__)).'/paypal.php'

    Replace the first so it looks something like this…
    <?php _e('http://www.WEBSITE.COM/wp-content/plugins/donate-plus/paypal.php','dplus');?>

    The second should be…
    $notify = 'http://www.WEBSITE.COM/wp-content/plugins/donate-plus/paypal.php';

    Hope that helps!

    I have had same problem on a multi site set up. Donate Plus used to work fine until WP 3.3 was installed.

    Question – should the code have one’s own domain replace the ‘WEBSITE.COM’ or should it be replaced with the sub-domain?


    Hello I tried to set it up like @etstow said and got nothing
    did anyone ever get this fixed?

    I am running the Plugin on WordPress 3.3.2 with Multi-Site.

    Thank you

    Multi site might be a problem. What if you try removing the “http://www.WEBSITE.COM” part so you have only “/wp-content/plugins/donate-plus/paypal.php”

    Make sure to check both instances of the code.

    what do you mean

    Make sure to check both instances of the code.

    In the fix I posted above, titled “Here’s how I fixed it…”

    ya I changed them both and the PayPal Sandbox still returns a 404

    Try doing it live for like $1.00

    You can reverse the PayPal charge if you have the login.

    boy do i feel stupid…
    on multi-site you need to remove the “www” in the URL…
    thanks for all the help @etstow

    Glad it’s working for you. I gave up on it since it rounds the number if you edit the donation. $20.12 turned into $20.00 and I couldn’t change it.


    I am experiencing the same issue as those on this topic. I have tried with the default donate-plus.php, and with the changes suggested by etstow, with and without my base URL, and though the donations go through OK, nothing shows on my wall and the donation total is not updated.

    I’d be glad of any help to get this working. I’m not on a multi-site setup.



    Yeah I’m having problems too. Paypal sends fail emails saying problem with the notification url error 404. Don’t know if this is due to wordpress update or something at the paypal end, I’m not aware of having problems previously.

    I’ve tried:
    1)Etstow’s solution
    2)Changing testing_mode to live_mode in paypal.php
    3)Changing back to default permalinks

    I’m not on multi-site.
    I’ve tried in sandbox to no avail.

    Still seems to still be writing to the donate-plus database though, as donations are appearing on wall and on the admin page.

    I’ve tried the IPN sample code on the paypal website and this works perfectly. However I can’t get their sample script to write to database after receiving the “verified” IPN.

    Currently I’ve turned off IPN in Paypal, but his sort of ruins the purpose of the database and recognition wall etc!

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Adding my name to the list. I’ve tried estow’s solution, disabled caching, tried default permalinks, and still no fix.

    I also tried with live transactions. Still nothing.

    I’d also like to verify that the IPN’s seem to be writing to the database. The transactions show up in my donations area. However, PayPal continues to list each IPN as Failed due to 404 errors.

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