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  • After a donation is made successfully, and the donor opted to display all of their information on the donorwall, everything posts there EXCEPT the comments field. The comments field is also empty in the WordPress panel, but I can add a comment to a donor’s profile and have it show on the donorwall. Have combed through the code, can’t find the problem!

    Have you seen this?? Am using paypal as the gateway and have set the IPN URL in the paypal account. Please advise 🙂

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  • The donor comment is sent by using the os1 field in the PayPal IPN. Can you check the IPN variables (you should be receiving an email with them) and see if that field is set?
    Could you also check whats in the item_number field of the IPN?

    Firstly, thanks for your advice! I will ask my client to forward those emails to me, will check on those fields. Will comment Thursday with the results.

    Mercuryjones, this is part of the message I’m receiving from paypal.. I don’t see mention of the os1 field, the comment is also missing in this return message. I don’t understand the paypal markups.. This code is from viewing the source of the IPN email. Your advice is much appreciated.

    Date: Tue=2C 16 Mar 2010 16:29:55 -0700
    Subject: Reference: 1:1 Donation to Adhi Moonien Two Owls - Donation from  =
    (address removed)
    To: xx(address removed)
    From: xx(address removed)
    Hello Advanced Energy Sciences & Healing=2C
    This email confirms that you have received a donation of $1.00 USD from xx (address removed). You can view the transaction details o=
    Donation DetailsTotal amount:$1.00 USDCurrency:U.S. DollarsReference:1:1Con=
    firmation number:1RU837531M713254BPurpose:Donation to Adhi Moonien Two Owls=
    The following options were included with this payment

    [Mod Note – Payer info removed.]

    Hi Devarah,
    the message you posted is not the one I am after. Have you made any changes to the standard DonatePlus files? Also, what version of DonatePlus are you using?
    There should be an email that actually comes from the DonatePlus paypal.php file. It will be sent to the email listed as the thankyou email address in the admin panel. The email subject will be ‘Donate Plus – Paypal IPN Transaction’ and will list a set of around 25 variables that are received by PayPal from your website.

    I’ve just done a quick check on your website (I got the url from one of your other posts).
    Everything looks good in the POST data so your website is correctly sending data to PayPal. If you can’t get the IPN email I mentioned above, can you check the DonatePlus table in your website’s database to see what information is being inserted?

    Unfortunately I don’t have access to the email.. client is asleep. The database does have a “comment” field and in the wordpress panel I can look at the transaction.. when the transaction originally came back with nothing in the comment field I added something in the WP panel and that comment I added does appear in the database.
    Using: DonatePlus 1.6
    WP: 2.9.0
    Theme: Atahualpa 3.4.4

    Thanks once more 🙂

    ok, so you can manually add the comment field and see it displayed on the wall, therefore the database is correctly setup and the wall display function is working. I have seen the correct data being sent to PayPal in the POST and we can assume that PayPal is sending the comment data back to your script (the IPN email would verify this), so there could be a problem with ‘paypal.php’ not adding the comment into the database.
    Do you know how to use ‘phpmyadmin’ to check the mysql database to see what’s actually being inserted there?
    Have you made any changes to the ‘paypal.php’ file?

    I did modify the paypal.php file, adding the very last line of code in this string beginning with ‘$port’:

    ## Verify Mode 1: This will post the IPN variables to the Paypal Network for Validation
                if     ($verifymode == 1)
    $port = fsockopen ('ssl://', 443, $errno, $errstr, 30);

    This code was posted on this forum I believe… When I first started testing, no data was being returned from paypal, and when I added this code it did post back to my site.
    I did look in phpmyadmin and the comment I added was there. I think what I will do at this point is make another donation on Monday, contact my client, have the emails sent to me and that will give us more to work with. Will followup with you when I have more. Thanks a TON for working on this with me.

    I have the IPN email from my client- it appears the os1 comment is not returning from Paypal. What happens next? Thank you kindly for your advice.

    Verified IPN Transaction Posted IPN variables in order received:

    [Mod Note: Payment details removed. I’d suggest posting generic information if such details are required.]

    #38 Key: transactio n_subject = Donation to Adhi Moonien Two Owls
    #39 Key: payment_gross = 1.00

    Deverah, I saw the IPN values so don’t worry about them being removed.
    I don’t know how much you know about the way that DonatePlus uses the variables so here’s a quick rundown:
    Item_number is used to determine what details are posted on the wall. It has two parts separated by a ‘:’, the first value is what we are interested in: a value of ‘1’ will post the user details,donation amount and comment whilst a value of ‘2’ will only post the user details and comment. A value of ‘0’ will post nothing.
    The donor name is sent as on0 and the donor email as os0. The donor’s URL is sent as on1 and the comment as os1. These are returned from PayPal slightly differently for some reason. on0 and os0 become option_name1 and option_selection1 whilst on1 and os1 become option_name2 and option_selection2 respectively. Your IPN had the option_name1 and option_selection1 values (on0 and os0). Are you sure the other values were filled in by the donor?

    I am sure the values were filled in, because I was the donor. I didn’t understand how the item_number variable worked, but did understand the others more from looking at the donateplus files.

    ok 🙂
    I’m about out of ideas but the next thing to try is verify that the on1 and os1 values are being sent from your browser. The testing I have already done shows them but you may like to try anyway. Do you use Firefox? If so, there is a handy addon called Httpfox which allows you to capture and view the POST variables when they are sent from the browser to the server (in this case, the Paypal server). Its a very handy tool! I think there are similar tools for other browsers.
    Give that a go and check if the variables are being set.
    Have you used the Paypal sandbox for testing? Its probably the easiest way for you to sort this out rather than using the live site and having to make real donations.
    You could also try some debugging by adding some code to ‘paypal.php’ that echos the variables when they are received and before the database query is executed.

    Hey Devarah,

    I’m currently debugging Donate Plus on a friend’s site which is having the same issue.

    Already modified the $port variable in paypal.php, but PayPal is refusing to return the comment variable, so no comments get stored in the Donate Plus table.

    Did you ever find a solution to your issue?


    I am having the same issue as Devarah… any word on a solution?

    I am also experiencing these difficulties… no one has a fix?

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