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  • I have resolved this issue
    thanks anyway

    Hey there just wondering if you managed to get Donate-Plus set up with PayPals IPN? The IPN is talking to the site, but nothing is being put in my DB. What version of WordPress are u running?

    I am using version 3.1, I have been working donate-plus for a long time now, for me everything is working fine.
    IF you want I can check in your website .
    Contact me via email

    Just got it working. Turns out it was my fault for using another plugin before that had made a WP_donations table already… once I deleted that and reactivated the plugin it built the table fine!

    thats great.
    The plugin is really a good one.Thanks to the author

    Hi there …is anyone willing to take a look at this plugin for me?
    The donations are going through just fine but nothing is being posted on the Wall and no emails are being sent to the donor!

    Please, I need any help I can get… this is a site for a non-profit organization that helps the wounded soldiers… great cause!

    I had this posted in the forum but have gotten no help 🙁


    hello miguel1876
    I can try out solving it.
    Please email me the details.

    Actually Alvaro, thank you so much but I have managed to solve the problem after 5 hours on it!
    But I could use your help with your original issue… How to add more fields to the form?
    Were you able to do that?
    Think you can help me?

    Hello miguel1876
    Sorry for late reply.
    I have done that using 2 method.
    1. I have made changes in the core file of the plugin, I would suggest not to do this as it can turn into a bad experience.
    2. I have created a template for the donation form and have used the variable which is being used in the donation plus plugin file to populate the form value.
    this is the easy and best way to do so as par my knowledge.

    Hi Miguel and Alvaro

    You both seem to have resolved the issue of Donate Plus plugin not working. I have the same problem, the payments go through but no info gets written to the database from the Paypal IPN.

    I have tried both solutions mentioned in this thread, but to no avail. Care to share how you managed to get the plugin to work?



    Hi there
    I actually had to go to and pay a wordpress expert to get it done for me. But I am using this for a client site that is on a Windows server so that was the casue of all my problems.
    Hope this helps.

    the latest version of donate plus is working fine.
    if you are using IPN then you need to set the path of IPN file in paypal account.
    If you want I can have a look on your website and the setting.

    Hi Alvaro,

    Can you please explain the procedure to add more fields using the donate- plus plugin?

    Hi Alvaro

    Here’s the steps I’ve tried: deleted and reinstalled the plugin. Double and triple checked the IPN path is correct in Paypal. Dropped all donate databases and rerun the plugin. It does create the new database fine. Deactivated all other plugins running just Donate plus.

    All no joy. It just doesn’t work. I can see all the info the user inputs gets to Paypal, because it appears in the extra info field in Paypals confirmation email.

    If you could take a look, that would be awesome. The site is

    Alvaro, I am looking to make a very similar form for a website.

    Can I ask how you added extra fields to the form?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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