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  • Author’s website form doesn’t work
    he doesn’t respond to emails
    His plugin doesn’t work
    Author seems to not care too much about his plugin
    don’t install it

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  • JesperT


    It has for sure nothing to do with the plugin. It has to be some conflict with your theme or another plugin. One star is quite unfair.



    A 3 month response time from the author, without followup, investigation and troubleshooting to decide whether or not the plugin is indeed conflicting, or simply is badly coded is not only unacceptable, but shows the arrogance, complacency and lack of genuine care and interest in this plugin. Users should take heed as to note which authors respond immediately with follow up and help. The reality is that the author’s own contact form doesn’t work which is a sign that the author has moved on and doesn’t want to support his plugin. Useless in my opinion. If there was an option to give a 0 rating I would give that. I think that is only fair. In a business, an angry customer who demands serious attention shouldn’t be made to wait a day for followup and support. Imagine you went to a local grocery store and discovered rotten apples in your bags. You return to the store, only to be told the store manager, who can deal with the issue is unavailable. 3 months down the line you get told it was your fault the apples were rotten? I think you wouldn’t be shopping there again. I think that’s fair.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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