• Hi, I’m trying to use this plugin to remove a category from post on a specific date and time, but when the moment comes nothing is happening.
    In the diagnostic panel everything seems to be fine.
    For instance, the WP-Cron Status is ENABLED – OK.
    Any clue?

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  • Hi, I’ve got the same issue.

    Sometimes, the plugin create a WP-Cron, sometimes not.
    Also with new version…

    Hi, me too.

    I installed and activated the plugin “WP Control” to view Cron tasks and then, I get the following error message:

    cURL error 35: Peer reports incompatible or unsupported protocol version.

    Any clue?


    Also encountered this issue with the new WordPress-version 5.2.2. Plugin version is The expirations will not fire at all. We have been using this plugin successfully for years but not it has stopped working.

    There is a weird bug somewhere, since the expiration will not fire on time, but if you change the article/page back to draft, the expiration will immediately run. Tested this by adding a category with the Post Expirator.

    I tested that the same plugin-version ( with older WordPress-version (5.0.4) is working fine, so there is some compatibility issue with the new WordPress-version.

    Hope this gets resolver quickly.

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    I read in one of the review comments that there may be an issue with newer php versions… I am currently redoing a site which has been using it for a long time but on an old php version. In the process of deciding whether to keep it or do something different. Looking forward to more input on this issue.



    Yes, sadly it’s not working for me either with WP Multisite v 5.2.2. The cron task is created and runs but the action isn’t completed.

    Plugin not working in the latest WordPress release. Please update!

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