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    I’ve just spent an amazing amount of time dealing with leftover file issues and settings with Wordfence because when you uninstall the plugin it doesn’t completely uninstall and it doesn’t remove settings that it places when the plugin is activated. In fact, you actually have to install a second plugin just to remove the orphaned records and files it leaves in the database. This is very lazy and poor design and development. Come on, write clean code or don’t write it at all. My recommendation is to avoid this plugin until they can correct some of the leftover junk that it leaves behind. I would recommend considering using another security plugin. I know I will moving forward for any sites I create. This plugin isn’t well written and while it may provide minimal additional security improvements, getting rid of the plugin is similar to dealing with malware removal processes. 0 out of 5 stars. Fix your code!

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    Hello @wppoweruser and thanks for your thoughts about Wordfence!

    We’d love to help solve your issues but you haven’t asked for any help and forum rules prevent us from doing so in the reviews section. If you want help please post a question in the forums and our staff there can work with you to solve the issue. I checked and can’t find a support request from you.

    Wordfence Support Forum:

    I see you did eventually find a resolution to the issue. I am glad you were able to find that information. When Wordfence is installed, it does create some data tables that need to be removed when uninstalling. We have some excellent documentation on how to remove Wordfence without having to install another plugin (Wordfence Assistant).

    Remove or Reset Wordfence:

    Delete Wordfence data on deactivation
    If you are removing Wordfence permanently, or if you want to do a fresh reinstall of Wordfence you can enable the option “Delete Wordfence tables and data on deactivation”. If you then deactivate the plugin, all the Wordfence tables will be deleted. You can then choose to activate Wordfence again to get a fresh installation, or you can choose to delete the plugin. This option can be found in the Wordfence > All Options > General Wordfence Options section.

    Just to add some more direction, this would be the complete process of manually removing Wordfence:
    To manually remove Wordfence, you would follow the steps below. It’s important that you do step 1 before the other steps.

    1. Remove extended protection manually [Learn more]
    2. Remove the “wordfence” plugin folder located in wp-content/plugins
    3. Remove the wflogs folder located in wp-content
    4. Remove wordfence-waf.php located in the root of you WordPress installation
    5. Remove all Wordfence related database tables from the database, using for example phpMyAdmin.

    I hope this helps! If you ever have any questions or issues, please do reach out on the Forum or our Premium Support, we would be happy to assist!

    Thanks again!

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