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  • stonedcrystals


    So I’d say if you are setting up WordPress from Scratch that you can consider this plugin. But for anyone like us that has 7GB or more of images that requires us to edit the database without certainty on image link locations, I don’t thinks this plugin goes all the way. It’s a proof of concept. AZCOpy does copy the content (but you have to have linux access) and AZCOpy doesn’t consider the existing images that are database entries and so migrating content is complex.

    This last piece, the actual migration from WordPress to Azure with updating the links in the database is why this plugin won’t go far until someone builds a tool/script that does this. Company’s with organic growth that grow into needing Azure can never use this plugin as is. The Velvet Copy tool some have referenced does one image at a time updates in the DB. Imagine 14,000 images! I really did want to use this but have found another tool that does but doesn’t support Azure which means my images will not be on Azure but S3. Again, I wish this was more and I could use it.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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