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  • Hi @yiannisdesp,

    When you set the option, what URL do you set it to? Also, can you confirm that the PopUp doesn’t work when you are on that exact URL?

    Hello, thank you for your answer.
    Yes I tried to others URLs too, but they don’t work, in any URL

    Example (this page is in greek language)

    No one works

    Please bear in mind the PopUp will only show if ALL rules are met, and, in the case of the URL rule, if the URL set is an exact match.

    Can you please confirm your exact settings for your rules, including any other rules you have active?

    Yes, it works now. I put only the page,and works.

    I use as the follow


    and done!

    Thank you for the help


    🙂 Glad I could help!



    Hey there!
    I’m having the same issue since the last update. I’ve tried just the page IDs like the guy above and that doesn’t work:


    Nor does:

    And the full address ( brings up the current issue and all the child pages.

    What happened and how can I fix it?

    Can you confirm if this is the only rule you have set, or are there other rules active? Bear in mind the popup will only show if ALL rules are satisfied.

    If this is the only active rule, try using /current-issue/ (or just current-issue/) to see if that helps.

    I am trying to make the pop up only on the home page, I’ve set the rule to On Specific URL but it shows an all. How can I make it stick only to the home page?
    Thank you and I am sorry I can’t figure it out, I am new to WP




    Yes, I only have this single rule active and no your solution did not work. If I use /current-issue/ or a variation, it hyper extends that rule to include all of the child pages under the current-issue page. Suggestions? This was working perfectly until the last update, ftr.

    I don’t have a specific page for my homepage because of the way my theme is designed … any ideas how to set this?

    Hi everyone,

    The developers are aware of this issue, i.e. popups showing on child pages. We are looking into a fix for this so that the popup will ONLY show on the specific page mentioned

    Version is now live and specifically addresses this issue! Go get it!

    Hello! I’m having this exact issue. It works in general, but not with a specific URL, whether it’s just the page, or full URL. It’s the only condition I would like.

    Confused! Help will be much appreciated.


    Hi foresme.

    This thread was marked resolved 2 months ago. If you have tried the suggestions above and are using the latest version of the plugin which fixed this bug, I suggest you post a new thread detailing your exact problem as it must differ from the issue in this thread.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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