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    Hi there!

    I made a store on Selz, and I am very impressed by the service. naturally I wanted to sell on our main site which is based on WordPress 4.4.1 (still in development), but upon installing the Selz plugin, I got the following error, reproduced here in full:

    Unhandled Exception
    wp_enqueue_style was called incorrectly. Scripts and styles should not be registered or enqueued until the wp_enqueue_scripts, admin_enqueue_scripts, or login_enqueue_scripts hooks. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. (This message was added in version 3.3.)
    /var/www/htdocs/cms/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3792
    Stack Trace:
    #0 /var/www/htdocs/content/mu-plugins/themosis-framework/bootstrap/start.php(175): Themosis\Error\Error::native(1024, 'wp_enqueue_styl...', '/var/www/htdocs...', 3792)
    #1 [internal function]: THFWK_Themosis->{closure}(1024, 'wp_enqueue_styl...', '/var/www/htdocs...', 3792, Array)
    #2 /var/www/htdocs/cms/wp-includes/functions.php(3792): trigger_error('wp_enqueue_styl...')
    #3 /var/www/htdocs/cms/wp-includes/functions.wp-scripts.php(46): _doing_it_wrong('wp_enqueue_styl...', 'Scripts and sty...', '3.3')
    #4 /var/www/htdocs/cms/wp-includes/functions.wp-styles.php(155): _wp_scripts_maybe_doing_it_wrong('wp_enqueue_styl...')
    #5 /var/www/htdocs/content/plugins/selz-ecommerce/index.php(65): wp_enqueue_style('selz-dialog', 'http://iloiseks...', '1.6.1')
    #6 [internal function]: selz_plugin_loaded('')
    #7 /var/www/htdocs/cms/wp-includes/plugin.php(525): call_user_func_array('selz_plugin_loa...', Array)
    #8 /var/www/htdocs/cms/wp-settings.php(276): do_action('plugins_loaded')
    #9 /var/www/htdocs/wp-config.php(16): require_once('/var/www/htdocs...')
    #10 /var/www/htdocs/cms/wp-load.php(42): require_once('/var/www/htdocs...')
    #11 /var/www/htdocs/cms/wp-admin/admin.php(31): require_once('/var/www/htdocs...')
    #12 /var/www/htdocs/cms/wp-admin/index.php(10): require_once('/var/www/htdocs...')
    #13 {main}

    I’ll try to fix it myself for now, but a plugin update might be in order!


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    Once I got rid of the enqueue error and got the plugin activated, I noticed that the WordPress editor was completely broken. The content was white (but selectable) and the toolbar was empty and also white.

    I’ll continue hacking to maybe get a working plugin, but a swift update would be awesome!

    Plugin Author Selz


    Hey MrThunderfield,

    Sorry for the super slow response on this, WordPress never seem to email updates for this. Did you get the to the bottom of it? I just tried to replicate it here and I can’t seem to. I deleted the plugin completely and installed again. Not sure if it’s a clash with other plugins.

    Drop me an email to if you’re still having issues, although I imagine you’ve nailed it by now.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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