• Earlier I marked it one star as everything had stopped working due to the error generated by the plugin. Turned out it was not due to the plugin but the malware attacked the admin area.

    I am taking my words back and apologizing to the author of the plugin. As a developer myself I can feel his pain. Therefore I am reviewing my comment and updating it.

    Once again, this is a great plugin for writing SEO based headings.

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  • Plugin Author thaikolja


    Hello @kadnan,

    I’m sorry if this comes over as a little offensive, I apologize. But I’d like to move things into perspective.

    I enjoy supporting everyone who has problems with my plugin(s). However, “reviews” like this make me turn my back on the entire WordPress plugin development community entirely.

    You downloaded a plugin that I’ve been maintaining for almost 9 (!) years, free of charge, with no bullshit “Buy the PRO version now!” ads that render a plugin almost useless unless you buy the pro version.

    I never did that.

    In the little free time I have, learning how to handle guns, with a dedication to resolving issues of the users of my plugin as far as I can. You can read that in the vast majority of people who liked not only the plugin but also click around for a few minutes and then ran into an error that I have never been made aware of, as you can see in the support forum where there’s never been any mention of this.

    You created your WP.org account in 2012, and since then (according to your profile), the only ever written review was for Secondary Title, and you gave it 1 star, even without being able to test the plugin itself.

    For this kind of problem, we have support threads. If you skim through only a few of the reviews, you’ll see that I try my utmost best to support users of my plugins who have any issues — again, free of charge, simply because I feel responsible for the software I create.

    It’s very unfortunate that you bypassed the support thread section or even sent me an email telling me about your relatively vague problem (What latest PHP version? Official ones, Early Access ones?) instead of tackling this issue as a technical problem fix it (not only for you but also for other users of this plugin who might experience something a similar situation.

    This is called constructive criticism. What you’re doing with your review is the complete opposite. Instead of tackling the issue, you resort to destroying (yes, it’s that harmful) the plugin altogether without ever having the chance to test it.

    Let me be frank: Reviews like this are the reason I slowly lost interest in the WP.org community, which I had grown very fond of in the beginning when I started developing plugins. I do it for free, in the little spare time I can find while still being busy enough with a full-time job, and I

    Long story short: You have every right to post a negative review if you don’t like my plugin. From a developer’s perspective, however, I find it deeply offensive to jump right to a conclusion without lifting a finger to notify the plugin author of the issue you’re facing and give him a chance to fix it without ruining his plugin ratings.

    Obviously, I’m going to look at this issue you’ve mentioned, despite you giving very little to no information about how it happened or what you thought happened. You didn’t even mention the PHP version you use (“the latest” says not much since there are early-access candidates

    It’d only be fair if you waited for your review until you a) tested the plugin and b) (more importantly) notified me of the issue in the support forum. The issue would have been fixed via a hot patch, but you gave me no chance and gave the worst vote for a plugin over 15,000 people are happy with.

    However, I hope you’ll change your review and at least give me time to fix the issue at hand. If not, well, it’ll be just another discouragement for keeping my plugins updated, safe, and most importantly in the end: working flawlessly.

    Nonetheless, thank you for taking the short time to see things from my perspective. I dearly hope instead of being against each other, we could work together and improve Secondary Title. If you’re willing to do that, I’m more than willing to listen to what users have to say.



    P.S.: Since this doesn’t seem the right location to debate this, feel free to contact me at kolja.nolte [ AT ] gmail.com.

    Thread Starter Adnan Siddiqi


    @thaikolja I agree w/ you. I have updated the review as well as rating. Sorry again!

    Plugin Author thaikolja


    @kadnan Thank you very much for changing your point of view; not many people would openly admit to that. That shows that you have integrity.

    I’m always in favor of criticism, so if you have any, I’m still more than happy to hear it.

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