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    Hey William

    Thanks for letting me know. As I’ve explained elsewhere Everyone always says how wonderful the plugin is when they want something, but no one provides any real support.

    The end result (with no malice intended) is that I can’t devote any time to it. I recommend you try another plugin if it’s urgent. If it’s not urgent, then I may be able to find some time to fix this in the next few weeks.

    Best wishes


    For anyone else looking to get this fixed:

    File: CPK_WPCSV_Engine.php
    Copy paste this from line 25-32

    $this->export_model->empty_table( );
    			$export_file = $this->settings['csv_path'] . '/' . self::EXPORT_FILE_NAME . '.csv';
    			if ( file_exists( $export_file ) ) unlink( $export_file );
    			$post_ids = $this->posts_model->get_post_ids( $this->settings['post_type'] );
                if ($post_ids) {
    			    $this->export_model->add_post_ids( $post_ids );

    Also on file: CPK_WPCSV_Posts_Model.php
    Copy paste this from lines 24-40

    global $wpdb;
            $results = $wpdb->get_results($sql);
            $post_ids = Array( );
            foreach ($results as $result) {
                $post_ids[] = (int)$result->ID;
            /*$results = mysql_query( $sql, $this->db->dbh );
    		if ( $results ) {
    			$post_ids = Array( );
    			while ( $result = mysql_fetch_assoc( $results ) ) {
    				$post_ids[] = (int)$result['ID'];
    			} # End while
    			mysql_free_result( $results );
            return $post_ids;

    By the way Paul, you website is broken. So even if someone wanted to give you a donation there would be no way not do so. 🙂

    Plugin Author CPK Web Solutions


    Thanks for the contribution William. Really appreciated. I’ll merge it into the plugin as soon as I can.

    Website working. Bracing myself for untold riches. 🙂

    Best wishes


    PS – If you went to my website looking to donate, there’s no need. A contribution of a little of your time/code is plenty.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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