• There is only Google streetview of properties which either doesn’t show an image (“No Image Available” message) or the image is way outdated. While that’s not the developers fault but Google’s, there is no way to display a simple map with the property location instead (like most home value apps provide).

    Other than that it’s pretty nice and easy to customize almost every step. Plus the Zapier integration is definitely helpful. If they can fix the maps issue it would be a 5 star plugin but unfortunately that’s a very big downside, since it just doesn’t look nice.

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    While we appreciate your feedback, it would be nice if you submitted a feature request that we could potentially implement in a future release rather than degrade our free plugin we’ve provided for a feature that is fully functional, but just not to your liking. Please take this into consideration when reviewing other plugins in the future as developers are providing you tools for free and should at least be given a chance to address said issues or feature requests before negative feedback is given.

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    First of all, while you do get 10/valuations free per month, additional ones cost money ($35/100, $75/250, $125/500), so as I am paying money to use this service I have every right to review it.

    Second, there was supposed to be an update addressing the Google maps issue, which was never released.

    As of now, streetview/maps is a big issue which doesn’t justify a higher review but rest assured that once that update is actually released, I will edit this review to 5 stars.

    Looking forward to that update.

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